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  1. Basic Guidelines: In the strictest sense, nature photography should not include "hand of man elements". Please refrain from images with buildings or human made structures like roads, fences, walls. Pets are not permitted. Captive subjects in zoos, arboretums, or aquariums are permitted, but must be declared, and must focus on the subject, not the captivity. Images with obvious human made elements will likely be deleted from the thread, with an explanation to the photographer. Guidelines are based on PSA rules governing Nature photography which also cover the Nature Forum. Keep your image at/under 1000 pixels on the long axis for in-line viewing. Note that this includes photos hosted off-site at Flicker, Photobucket, your own site, etc

    Each member please post no more than just one image to this weekly thread per week. If the information is available, many members appreciate information on your approach to making the image and the names, both common and scientific, of the subject(s). However, while encouraged, these are not required as a component of your contributions.

    Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) blowing near Juneau, Alaska.
    Nikon D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm/5.6 @ 200mm/6.3, 1/4,000s, ISO 180. Processed in LR5. I found shooting conditions far more challenging than I had anticipated, what with shooting from a small, moving boat in choppy seas, highly variable lighting, and subjects which would appear and disappear quickly and without much in the way of warning. I was shooting in manual mode with auto-ISO, and making full use of the D500's high frame rate and massive buffer, trying to catch whales as they would breach, blow, and dive. Due to the variable thick clouds and bright sunlight we experienced extreme dynamic ranges, combined with unpredictable shooting angles as both the boat and whales moved continuously.
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    Photographing whales in a rough sea can be really challenging. I captured the following image on June 15, 2021 in the Monterey Bay, California. I have gone whale watching perhaps 20 times in that area over the years, and that was one of the roughest days I have experienced as I felt quite uncomfortable. I had one hand holding onto the camera and another hand on the railing of the boat.

    This baby whale kept on breaching but of course I had no idea when and from where it would leave the water. Therefore, I had to use a shorter focal length to give myself a better chance to capture the moment. I was using a FF DSLR with a Nikon 80-400mm zoom at 92mm. Auto ISO stayed @ 100 with a shutter speed of 1/1600 sec and f5.0.

    The inset is the entire frame, and clearly I needed to level the horizon and crop quite a bit. Since it is merely two versions of the same picture, hopefully I am not breaking the one-image rule.

    Here is a FB video I captured on that same day, and I had the same challenge. I had to zoom out quite a bit and then crop the video in post-processing, and I was holding onto the boat railing for dear life.

    Shun Cheung

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  3. Deer still with velvet antlers. Seen yesterday ay Lady Bird Wildflower Center in Austin. D850 with Tamron 150-600mm lens Nature Monday.jpg
  4. Spider on rosebud.jpg Tiny spider on a Beach Rose bud.
  5. Water abstract.
    water abstract.jpg
  6. Love this image very much. The beautiful deer is spirited and dreamy The presentation is very nice.
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  7. wrong-end heraldry
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