Modifying Summaron M 35mm 3.5 to 35mm frame line

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  1. Well, as it turns out, you are correct (I was wrong). I did a little research after I posted my above remarks and did discover that Leica did indeed produce 35mm M lenses without goggles during the M3 run prior to release of the M2. There aren't alot of them, but Leica did make them. And those lenses brought up 50mm framelines (that's as wide as it got between the M3 and M2).

    Wish I could delete my post!!! I was so sure of myself as I've been using Leica M cameras for 50 years!
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  2. There is a line in the movie "Megamind", "You were right, I was less right"

    I;m happy to learn that the 3.5cm F3.5 Summaron will focus correctly, that the cam does not rely on the goggles.

    I have a couple of lenses that are "I can't believe they made this"- the latest is a Minolta Chiyoko 3.5cm F3.5 in Leica mount that is multi-coated at the factory, from 1957. I always thought Pentax was the first to do this in the 60s. This Minolta lens features "Achromatic" coating, is double coated on all surfaces. Double meets the definition for "Multi". This lens is a Tessar formula like the Elmar 3.5cm F3.5.
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  3. Somehow the above double-posted.

    The Minolta lens is a Tessar design, like the Elmar 3.5cm F3.5. I suspect that Minolta chose this lens to test the new process as it has few surfaces, and they are all small.
  4. To be fair, I had no idea about these early M lenses until I saw them discussed on places like l-camera-forum - a few of the guys over there seem to have collected or at least know about every minor variant. When the M2 came out, I wonder if some buyers of the M3 lens wished they'd bought the screwmount version so they could just swap the adapter to bring up the correct framelines? I don't think I could face taking a file to one of these things in its oriignal condition, but I can understand why people do the modification.
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  5. About the time I feel like I've seen it all (as to Leica M in particular), something pops up I've never seen before.

    Although changing an M lens flange from 50 to 35 really isn't that hard (it can be done cleanly with a nail file), I would have Don Goldberg ("DAG") do it. He'll typically turn a small job like that around within a week - and he'll make it look like it came from the factory that way.
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  6. The OP may not want to hear this but:

    This lens is rare. I would not modify it. Leave it as is. If using the DOF preview is a problem, see if someone will trade a lens for it.

    It is rare enough someone might trade up to a better lens, and you can leave this one as it is. I would try to trade it for a 35/2.8 Summaron.
  7. DOH! I meant the frameline preview! One feature I do not miss on the M3 Single Stroke- the DOF preview feature built into the RF patch. I sold the Single Stroke and kept the Double Stroke.I had the 35/2.8 Summaron with Goggles- but sold it at a good price. I end up using the 40/2 Summicron and use the whole viewfinder for framing.
    Yes, my camera has a 35mm frameline, and it works as should with another 35mm lens, like Jupiter-12 via an appropriate adapter.
  9. Sorry, but you`re wrong. They existed.
    UPDATE: I see above you`ve already found them :)
    Honestly, I`ve never heard about theses m3 lenses before I`ve bought this one and started to search on the internet.
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  10. I would gladly trade it on Summaron 35/2.8. I`m a photographer, not rarities collector, so wider aperture for me is more important.
    If somebody wants do to the exchange - I`d be happy.
  11. You might try listing a "For Trade" here, or on Rangefinder Forum. Get some good pictures of the lens, especially of the condition of the glass. Post some shots taken with it. There are a lot of Leica collectors out there. I suspect you should get some good offers. Your lens should carry a premium as it is rare.
  12. Thank you, Brian.
    I`m new here, maybe you can help, where here can I create this trade topic?
  13. Classified

    Click the Above

    The Classified Ad section on is a good place to try.

    You could list it as a Sell Ad with "Open to Trades", or just a Want-to-Trade. I would check Ebay prices on Summarons and set to the upper end as this one is rare.
    I would give that a try.
  14. thank you!

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