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  1. I have an image that I have cropped in two different ways and cannot, for the life of me, decide which one works better. The tonal reduction to almost pure black and white is intentional. It's just the cropping / framing / composition I can't make up my mind on.

    Version 1:

    Version 2:
  2. I like both of them and would go with version 1 because itโ€™s more harmonious but version 2 is probably the better photo
  3. Love them! #2 because you can tell its a building, but they're both great.
  4. Version #1 because the negative space is not so disrupted in the lower-right corner by the building. I see this image as being far less about the building, and far more about form, space, and order. I might even crop-in the right side a bit more to completely eliminate that divergent piece of the building, and focus entirely on the triangular portion. The two saw-tooth conditions in the parapets are a little bit distracting, and I might edit them out. I might also work the image such that there is more contrast between the left and right sides of the building, and thus more definition in the acute corner angle, which is what really makes this image interesting, as it is a (nominally) unusual detail in architecture.

    On further consideration: This image would be strongest if it consisted of only four tones, plus the metal/glass panels at the top of the right side. The three tones would be: 1-sky, 2-left side building wall, 3-right side building wall, 4-window openings on both walls. The sky should be near-white, and the window openings near-black. The metal panels can show some texture as the one element that balances the rest for detail. The current versions are fairly close to this ideal, but could do with further refinement, particularly, as noted, in regards to better defining that strong vertical corner.
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  5. #2 because it suggests more depth and compositional interest.
  6. Also because it's more quirky than straightforward, more unique than anticipated.
  7. Fascinating divergence of opinions.

    I lean toward ! because of the cleaner line. Either way, great image!
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  8. Thank you all for your valuable feedback!

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