Modern Photography's Guide to 45 Top Cameras for 1968

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  1. From Modern photography December 1967 issue we have a guide to the top cameras. I have broken it down to five parts.

    This is the guide to RF cameras and leaf-shutter SLRs.

    Guide 1 sm 2
  2. This is the guide to focal-plane shutter SLRs, part 1.

    Guide 9 sm 2
  3. This is the guide to focal-plane shutter SLRs, part 2.

    Guide 22 sm 2
  4. Keppler takes a look at the Minolta and Nikon TTL metering systems in his latest column.

    Keppler 1 sm 2
  5. Here is this month's Too Hot to Handle column.

    THTH 1 sm 2
  6. Here is this month's Techniques Tomorrow column.

    TT 1 sm 2
  7. US Camera magazine had a nice write-up on the latest Agfachrome film.

    Agfachrome 1 sm 2
  8. Here they have a guide to buying a photo gift.

    Gift 1 sm 2
  9. Here they have a short report on the Topcon Super D camera and accessories.

    Topcon TR 1 sm 2
  10. Wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year.
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  11. Great issue. I really liked the completeness of the camera guides. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for this post, Marc. Those one-page camera guides are very good!

    1968 was a good year for cameras - I found several of my favorites featured in the list. Keppler offers an explanation of how the mysterious Minolta CLC metering system ws conceived; JDM will appreciate the bit on Prakticas in THTH.

    In the ads section Barnack Leicas were going for half a Pen FT, which were priced at half the new Minolta SRT-101.

    All the best for 2018 and thanks for your contributions!
  13. Mike - Glad you like these.

    Julio - Also glad you liked these. In the late '60s there was no real consensus as to the best methods of CdS metering. Designers were trying various methods. I remember that Minolta was proud of their system.

    All the best to you both for 2018.
  14. Thanks for all the effort in posting these. Just about my SLR wish list. Interesting to note that there is a comment wrt the Ricoh Singlex, having the apparently new idea of pulling up the rewind knob to open the film door. I wonder if this was the first camera to use this function that became almost ubiquitous? I have one, and itโ€™s a nice camera, although the Copal square shutter sounds like someone closing a car door!
  15. Invaluable! Those Camera Guides are an excellent reference, along with the rest of the edition. Many thanks, Marc.
  16. What do you know? One my cameras made the top 45. (Yashica 12). Just bought it in 2017. It only took about 50 years but I can finally afford a top notch camera. ;-)

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