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Discussion in 'Modern Film Cameras' started by art_thomas|1, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. And it looks like a success. Thanks, Josh!
  2. Yes.
    I suggest to people who appreciate the new forum, that they post one of their favorites of the 'kind'
  3. Poor Olympus XA4 macro was sitting in the $10 basket at the photo store with the A11 flash attached. The last of the XA series has a rare 28mm F3.5 prime and macro mode. And yes, thanks as well Josh.
  4. Thanks, Josh, for this new forum!
    This Olympus XA is my latest acquisition, and the only definitely "modern" film camera I own. I consider my Nikon FE to be more "classic", since it offers full manual mode and can shoot (if only at one shutter speed) without a battery. This camera, on the other hand, is usable only as a paperweight without a battery, and shoots only in aperture-priority mode. Fun little thing, though, even if the rangefinder spot can be kind of hard to see sometimes. Once I finish the roll of Tri-X that's in it, if all went well, I'll have some pictures to post..
  5. I think it's modern. It takes batteries to operate the shutter.
  6. The more film related forums...the better!
  7. SCL


    An old friend no longer owned. BUT according to the poll going on right now on PNet, one of the most beloved of the modern film cameras among our viewers.
  8. a real workhorse...
  9. Just plain fun.
  10. The Tank.
  11. These seem to have been accumulating lately. The N6006, N8008, N60, N70, and N90 are soon to be joined by a really pristine F-801x.
    To give the modern film cam forum the sensibility that we all enjoy in the classic manual cam forum so much, we should be posting historical-type reviews of our cameras there, like JDM has been doing. I'll be doing so as soon as the weather permits me to get some more shooting in.
  12. No offense folks, but as this has turned into a photo posting thread, I'm going to move it to the forum that is the subject of the thread....Modern Film Cameras.
    Glad you are liking the forum though. Thanks.
  13. Louis, it's a coincidence that you chose your XR-7 for posting in this thread. I just acquired this, my first K-mount camera. Gave it a foam job and am half way through the test roll. Nice camera!
  14. I think you've nailed it with the Modern Film Cameras forum, Josh. Much appreciated. Way to go!
  15. [​IMG]
    Another contender for the title of tank. The lens shown here bridges to the classic camera era as it requires manual focusing with the 9000's 'focus confirm' indicator.
  16. So many nice pictures! How does one include a picture in thier post, please?
  17. "So many nice pictures! How does one include a picture in thier post, please?"
    After you submit and then confirm your comment the next window offers you a chance to browse your hard drive and upload a photo. You need to keep them 699 or shorter on the long side.
  18. Alternatively if the picture is already on the web you can use the picture icon in the editing box to link to it, if you know the URL.
    And if you have pictures on Flickr you can copy the HTML under the 'Share this' menu, click on the HTML button here, and then paste the copied HTML into the editing box. Click on Update to return to the editing box with the picture in the post.
  19. Thank you!
  20. I would love to post a pic or two of my favorite MFCs, but I'm currently away from home so it'll have to wait a day or so. Great pictures everyone, and what a fun thread!
  21. Superb design, infallible automation, excellent lens, pocketable dimensions, a classic in it's own time. One of my all-time favourites.
  22. One can never have enough F3's !

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