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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by mike dixon, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. If you have questions about scanning (negatives or prints), they belong in the
    Digital Darkroom forum. The procedures and knowledge for scanning Leica images
    are no different than the procedures and knowledge for scanning images made with
    every other kind of camera.

    While there are people in this forum who are familiar with scanning, there are
    even more people, with an even broader range of knowledge and experience, in the
    Digital Darkroom forum.
  2. gmb


    Good point. But why is there a darkroom subsection in the Leica & Rangefinder forum? Is printing a Leica negative different from printing negatives made with another camera?
  3. Leica also manufactured enlargers and enlarging lenses. Questions about those should be placed in the Darkroom section of this forum.
  4. Very good point. I just asked a question over there in the Dig Drkrm forum about a KM 5400 Scanner and got a great answer to solve a problem.

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