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  1. How do I get a photographer to refrain from posting pictures of me online without my consent. I know I have no rights but how do I approach him or persuade him?
  2. Did you sign a model release? Where were the pictures taken?
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    And what's the usage online?
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    You do have rights, more than you know. However, you may have to lawyer up.
    Please provide more details and you'll probably get more information and guidance.
  5. The answers are....
    1. Talk to them.
    2. Pay them, or
    3. Threaten them.
    That last option will likely cause more trouble than good.
    Beyond that your options depend on...
    1. Where in the world you are.
    2. What the situation was when the photos were taken. Were you a paid model at a photo-shoot or a stranger in a public toilet cubicle.
    3. What you mean by "posting pictures online".
  6. Maybe you should ask yourself why you would want the photographer to not post photos of you. Maybe there really isn't a good reason. Did you pose nude, but changed your mind? If so, why have you changed your mind? Maybe you're just being emotional. Maybe you should speak with the photographer honestly. Ask the photographer what will happen to you if xyz happens when the photos are posted on-line. Why did you pose for the photos in the first place if you now don't wan the photos posted on-line? Maybe it would actually HELP you in your modeling career to have photos of you posted on-line. Are you going to get in trouble with the law or get fired or something, if the photos are posted on-line? If so, why did you pose for them in the first place?!?
    I had a model ask me to take down a series of photos I posted on-line in one of my portfolios once. It really pissed me off. This was a girl who I still believe was a little jerk for doing so. At the time I thought she was great. She was very sweet and never seemed shy at all. Then she sends me a message telling me she wants "those photos" taken down. I was thinking, "What? WHY?!?" For some reason she thought some perfectly good, well-shot and well-lit photos were bad. They were not tasteless, but they were revealing (nude). If she had approached it a different way (less demanding, and more like asking a huge favor that she knew would piss me off, but pretty please), I might have not felt so upset about the whole thing. The only reason I took down the photos in the end was my friend had set me up with her to shoot the photos, and I did it for him, because he asked me to take them down for her.
    Another model recently told me she wanted me to take down a photo because it was old. She wasn't polite about it and acted like it was something I would have no problem doing, even though we hadn't spoken in years. I thought to myself that she is a selfish bitch, and it made me NOT want to take it down. If she had just been friendly, open, and honest with me, and politely asked if I would mind helping her improve her on-line image, I probably would have had no problem taking down the photo. It makes a HUGE difference to people, if you can identify with them, rather than being self-centered and demanding, when you deal with them. Know what I mean?
    Would the photographer be willing to post the photos without using your name? If so, maybe that is all you need them to do. Maybe you could ask the photographer to crop your face out of the photos or use photos that do not show your face.
    It's really NOT RIGHT to be asking a photographer who spent their time working with you to not post photos. After-all, it's like telling the photographer that you could care less that they spent time shooting and creating those photos. It's like saying, "I want your time and efforts to be completely wasted, because I don't want you to use any of those photos." What right do you have to demand something like that? If you ask the photographer for a favor, because you are really getting emotional about it, or if you offer to pay the photographer to not use them that is a different matter.
    Just so you know, this sort of stuff happens all the time. Models pose for photos, and then they get home and tell their mom or boyfriend that they posed for nude photos, and that person suddenly thinks the worst possible thoughts, telling the girl they made a HUGE mistake and that they HAVE to get the photographer to delete ALL the photos. It's bull-*X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#* reactionary stupidity, of course, but that's the way life goes sometimes. If a mom or boyfriend is completely supportive, then things normally go totally differently. There are forums for such things though. Complete discussions even. Here's one:

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