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  1. The Wharf
  2. Wharf #2
  3. Three images this week from the Sony NEX 6 and Canon FD 50mm f/1.2 Lens.
  4. Russian Tea Doll
  5. Morning Ride
  6. Web, colour
  7. A little fireworks display Friday night.
    My mistake; wrong forum.
    I guess I can't remove the comments.
  8. Web, monochrome
  9. Louis Meluso, The 'Morning Ride' is a great capture. Love that lighting.
    Here is one from me
  10. I noticed these abundant dandelion weeds in the yard next door, with the quite strong wind merrily aiding their quest to go forth and multiply. I decided to see if I could capture their progress...
  11. Okay, so where was I?
    Street fair and run this morning.
  12. Thanksgiving pumpkin display outside and inside a local watering hole.
  13. Last one for today.
  14. [​IMG]
    Mapuche Culture dancing.
  15. My mom's first visit to the new Sundance Square plaza, downtown Fort Worth, one evening last week. Mom isn't comfortable in crowds in her wheelchair, so we waited for a pleasant evening with no scheduled events.

    And some folks goofing around in the plaza fountains, while responding to security guard shooing them away. Usually pedestrians are permitted to frolick in the water but I think the fountains were being disinfected at the moment - I could smell a bit of chemical odor. Apparently they wanted a few minutes to cycle the fountain before allowing visitors to splash around. There were no signs up so the hapless security guard had to be the blue meanie.
    Very popular spot for visitors and families. This little girl didn't want to be far from daddy. I set the ISO and shutter speed low to get some motion blur from kidlettes darting around.
    I snapped a photo of all three together using their phone camera, but I'm afraid it was blurry - I can't seem to adapt to the touchscreen shutter release doodad without jiggling the entire camera.
    *All with Nikon V1, 10-30 kitzoom, all with the portrait color mode or equivalent in Lightroom 4.
  16. Brughes, Belgium
  17. The other night I came across a statue of Sally Brown, weirdly dressed as a German woman at Oktoberfest. By the time I took my camera out, a cat showed up coming straight at me. The whole scene tuned out to be both strange and beautiful. Fujifilm X100S.
  18. Louis, that portrait is so, so nice! The shot of the cyclist was also terrific.
    Just a commercial shot this time. Sony NEX with the basic zoom lens.
  19. The following three shots are of a customized Austin Healy in Sausalito, California. They were made with a Fuji X-Pro1 + Metabones Speed Booster + the early version of the Nikon 43-86/3.5. This lens has been called a "dog" because of it alleged lack of sharpness (unlike the later post c. 1975 improved version). I deliberately used it to see what kind of soft focus effect I could get. Surprise. There is seems nothing doggish about this lens. At not with the Speed Booster.
    I shot this from a tour bus. Here is the initial shot.
  20. The next shot.
  21. And the last.
  22. Damn, wrong photo. This is the one.
  23. To confess. I got the sequence mixed up: 3 should come before 2. But what-the-hull.
    Louis, I love "Portrait of Vivienne." Is that the aspherical FD 50/1.2?
  24. Thanks, Karim!
    Thank you, Alex. No, that's the standard lens. It's quite sharp (enough) with really beautiful bokeh. f/2 on that.
    John, I like the web colour shot.
    Thanks Sadanand, Lovely color in that rose. Not many left in these parts now.
    Lex, cool lighting on your Mom.
    Anthea, nice approach to those feather heads.
  25. [​IMG] Fuji X-T1 & 18-55 f2.8-4
  26. Emir, that is wonderfully weird.
  27. Louis, wonderful portrait.
    Emir, the photography gods were smiling on you that day. The image came together nicely.
    Mark, Well done!
  28. Louis, wonderful portrait (as usual). John, looks like you and I are both posting images from a series to Nature and MM ;) I like the web photos here as well as the one on Mondays in Nature. Emir, that is terrific! Lex, I really like the slow-shutter images you are doing at the plaza fountain. I have not been a fan of that sort of thing, but your work is making me seriously reconsider. Charles, the composition and the light make that Brughes house look wonderfully inviting.
    This is our sole moonflower so far this year. Another shot/view is on M-in-N, taken with a NEX-6 instead of the Fujifilm XF1 used here.
  29. Mt. Rainier from the drive up to Mowich Lake.
  30. Small waterfall on a stream.
  31. Spray Park (Mt. Rainier).
  32. Sunset at Spray Park.
  33. Cooling down
  34. Thanks Louis! This weeks shots certainly are outstanding, well done everyone.
  35. here's one with the x100.

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