MLB Fan: What's Biggest Lens Allowed at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by tom_thumbnail, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. What limits do MLB stadiums put on the size of camera and lens a fan can bring to a game, particularly Yankee Stadium and Citi Field?
    Would they allow me to carry a Canon XTi w/ 80-200 f/2.8 and a 300 f/4 in the pocket of a photographers vest?
    The photo vest is not low key but I don't know how else to carry an extra lens. I think the stadiums disallow bags and backpacks.

    Are monopods allowed in the stands?

    What about the use of hot shoe flashes from front row or near-front row infield field level seats?

    Any other gear allowance or restrictions for regular seated fans?

    This is about shooting for personal use of course, nothing for commercial or media.
    Go straight to the source - when in doubt call the stadiums for clarification.
  3. Hi Evan,
    That statement from the NY Yankess helps just enough to create confusion. It reads in part:
    "Single-frame flash photography is permitted. extended length zoom lenses, other professional camera equipment are not permitted."
    So does that mean I can bring my Sigma DG500Super hot shoe flash? I doubt any pros use that. Pros use the 580EX or Metz etc. if anything. I don't think they even use flash at the games.
    There are many pocket size compact cameras with 10x to 12x zoom lenses that reach 360mm 35mm equivilent. I'm sure they are allowed. Would my 80-200 f/2.8 be allowed? It's reach on my XTi is the same as those compacts, although it is about 12" long with the hood on. Those compact camera lenses are about 1.5" long. No professional would be using my lens though. It is a 30 year old push-pull manual focus lens made for Nikon that I've adapted to my Canon.
    I recieved an email response to an email I sent to the NY Mets this morning. I listed the exact camera and lenses I wanted to bring and gave their size in inches. Their response was: "Small film or digital cameras are allowed at Citi Field.
    So what do they mean by small? The XTi is the smallest DSLR made and the lenses I want to bring are far smaller than the 300 f/2.8s, 300 f/2s and 400 f/4s the pro photogs will be using. Is that small enough?
  4. Oh, I called Citi Field this morning too. The woman on the phone said "small" cameras are allowed. She was unable to tell me what "small" meant. She transferred me to security and they didn't pick up.
  5. Tom -
    The rules do vary by park and area. I've walked into the Excel Engery Center(Minnesota Wild) and Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome (Twins/Vikings) with my D300 and 70-200 F2.8 and not had a problem. When I took the same rig to a circus at the Target Center (Timberwolves) the security guard said he'd let me in (it helped that one of the Shriners was with us) for this event only and that if I came to an NBA game there with that outfit he'd send me back to the car.
    I've seen parks / centers that ban lenses over a certain length - Typically - 3 - 4 most 70-200 f2.8's don't qualify. No one has ever had an issue with my D40 and 18-200.
    Most parks ban tripods and monopods for safety reasons.
    Based on what you've said the 300mm and 70-200 would not make it past the guards.
  6. Tom,
    I'd leave the serious stuff at home, bring a small point and shoot, and just enjoy the game.
    Sure, when I'm covering any game (I'm a newspaper photographer) I bring two cameras, lenses, etc and am ready to work., but when I'm there to actually take in a game for fun and enjoy them, they are much more fun when you can actually enjoy them without having to worry about spilling ketchup or beer on your beloved lens.
    Just my advice.
    Have fun,
  7. I've carried a D200 with a 70-300 lens into Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Pirates games. I've been turned away with the same equipment at a Miami Heat game. If the front office can't give you a straight answer, you are probably at the mercy of the particular security agent at the gate where you enter (just like getting on an airplane).
    If you want to carry a longer lens to the game, I'd have a backup plan incase your equipment is refused entry.
  8. Ron -
    Nice photo!
    ...Sob...Sob...Sob... (a heartbroke Vikings fan here....)
  9. Had this problem many times, security doesn't have a clue as to rules and neither do the front office.
    Concerts say no "pro" gear, usually say no detachable lenses.
    As my son pointed out last summer to a security guard, "with enough force, ANY lens is detachable".
    At an Alice Cooper concert, the security said I could bring in my 400 5.6 since the big end wasn't larger than a fist.
    I took that same 400 to a Buffalo Sabres game, no problem.
    I think they've since changed the rules and it wouldn't get in the door now.
  10. Hi Tom-
    I got my 80-400 into Citi Field without a problem.

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