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  1. Glenn, we have covered it before and you, yourself, offered some possible solutions to the deletion problem. You just haven’t instituted a system to ensure there’s a POTW each week. This is not on us.

    I don’t remember all the suggestions. Here are some thoughts . . .

    I mentioned that for years in the past since, when we sign up we agree that one of our photos might be chosen to be POTW, the photos chosen were made non-deletable by the system. It was a system that worked. You were uncomfortable with that, thinking someone who doesn’t want their photo used should not have to. Fair enough. Contact them BEFORE posting their photo rather than simply doing it without asking and leaving it to chance whether or not they’ll delete it. Let them know that once they agree, they’ll be unable to delete.

    Alternatively, set up some kind of system where people can submit photos for consideration to be POTW with the understanding they will be non-deletable if chosen. Or, allow for a checkbox upon submission of a photo to one’s gallery to indicate whether it’s OK to use this photo for POTW.

    I nominate any photo by GordonJB, Uhooru, Supriyo, Robin Smith, Jane Cave, Leslie Reed, Sandy Vongries, Sanford, Tim Lookinbill, MMarcott, David Triplett, Harry Baker, or myself.
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  2. Norman. There may be a misunderstanding of terms. Glenn suggested nominating a photo. I think he means suggesting to him a photo to be made POTW, which he will see gets done through official channels. Though I don’t see how that solves the current problem, which is that people are deleting their photos once they’re chosen. It’s not a nomination problem. It’s a staying problem. If there is also a nomination problem, I hope Glenn will start with my list of photographers above. That can take care of things for a couple of months.

    Anyway, what you did was start a POTW thread in Casual. When I clicked on your link I was taken to a Flickr Page, if I remember correctly. Since whoever deleted your post didn’t tell you why, I can only hazard a guess (it’s too bad we don’t know the actual reason) that it was because they felt that, in keeping with the spirit of the terms of use, photos should not be put up for critique in a regular forum post (though it only specifies we should not post one of our own photos for critique, the logical extension of that could be not to post someone else’s either). Or the fact that it linked to an outside site may have been the problem. Again, just guesses.
  3. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    Fred, I agree with a lot you say but, ffs, this is a photo site not the UN. All these rules about what is permissible is wrong.
  4. Norman, just to be clear, I only meant to let you know what I thought may be happening and NOT advocating for the rules.
  5. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    Fred, I know. I wasn’t having a pop at you and I’m sorry if I came over like that.
  6. Norman, not to worry. I figured that. Just insecure enough to make sure.
    Hey, I searched and searched for an "insecure" emoji. This is the best I could find . . . insecure-emoji.jpg
  7. Vincent Peri

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    Hmm... looks like me...
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  8. G-P

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    "I nominate any photo by GordonJB, Uhooru, Supriyo, Robin Smith, Jane Cave, Leslie Reed, Sandy Vongries, Sanford, Tim Lookinbill, MMarcott, David Triplett, Harry Baker, or myself."

    Sounds good.
  9. Thanks, Glenn. Can you address the issue of self-deletions? Nominations seems a different issue and I was happy to oblige with a bunch. The main issue, however, which you talked about here, was the POTWs disappearing due to being deleted by the photographer. I reminded you of some previous solutions that have been discussed and some other ideas and it would be good if you could comment on steps you can take to make sure the POTWs that are chosen don't disappear.
  10. G-P

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    Next Sprint - we will be adding a checkbox to the screen after upload that allows the photographer to opt-into POTW consideration (if box checked and photo is chosen, the photo will never be deleted), seems to be the easiest way to make sure POTW has no deletions and photographers are aware and OK with their photos (if opted into consideration and chosen for POTW) will not be deleted if chosen.
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  11. GREAT! Thanks.
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  12. By the way, if it would help, I'd be happy to go through the various portfolios I mentioned and pick a photo from each that I think would make a good POTW. Don't want to step on elf toes, however, LOL. And I would communicate those photos to you privately.
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  13. Fred, it's sainthood or nothing.

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