Missing Photo of the Week - - AGAIN!!

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by michaellinder, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. Are we expected to search the entire site to find it? Or, since it's a day late, is it simply not going to be posted?
  2. Michael, just a thought, but isn’t it possible to start a thread with a link to a photo (not one of your own, of course) that you consider to be POTW?
  3. It’s possible but would be ill-advised. The PN guidelines state, and I’ve seen it enforced, that the forums, other than POTW, are not a place to critique each other’s photos. I’ve seen latitude given when critiques pop up in threads as part of a bigger dialogue (and that’s occurred only when a member has voluntarily posted one of their own phots to illustrate a point as opposed to asking for critique, the latter being against site policy) but I think it would be frowned upon to start a critique thread of someone else’s work specifically. We’ve each agreed to allow any photo we upload to be chosen by administration for critique, but we haven’t agreed for one of our photos to be chosen by another member to be critiqued in one of the forums. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind a photo of mine being so designated, but just wanted to point out site policy as I understand and have experienced it.

    Since administration seems not always up to the task of administering POTW, it might be nice to set up a situation whereby members could do something akin to POTW voluntarily and by mutual agreement of participants.
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  4. Can you show me where it actually says that?
  5. all we have to do is make Michael (or another) a Photo elf
  6. Norman, I have no idea where the guidelines are anymore. Haven’t actually seen them since the redesign. I don’t recall if it was in the actual terms of use oFor the site or in the intros that used to be on the home page of each forum. Ad, for all I know, the p9licy has changed.

    Regardless, I don’t think it would fly, either with administration or membership, to have members randomly choosing to put up another member’s photo (via link, of course) for public group critique. I think there’s much more likely to be interest in and approval for something like that if the member is asked first if it’s ok to do so and if administration has agreed that such a forum is ok.
  7. Go for it. If Michael wants to apply for elfhood and admin is open to his elfness, sounds like a good idea.
  8. Here’s a link to the guidelines (they are difficult to find)

    Forum Guidelines | Photo.net

    To me, the only relevant point is No 5 which refers to posting one’s own photos.
  9. Thanks for the link.

    I suspect if we’re not to post our own photos to a forum thread for critique, it would then likely be frowned on to post another member’s photo for critique. If you or Michael want to try it, you’ll see soon enough what the reaction is and whether it flies. I made suggestions I think might be more generally agreeable.
  10. ok. i’ll give it a try

    edit: hahahahaha, i would if i could see anyone’s photos :)
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  11. Mebbe that’s why there is no POTW, the gallery is down
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  12. What about creating a forum called "Members' Pick/" It could be moderated like any other, and a requirement for posting on this forum would be getting the pertinent member's permission? I suspect that a condition for another member to post on the forum would be to check a box next to an assurance that the subject member's permission was obtained. Just thinking. . .
  13. I don't think so. There has been no Photo of the Week since last Tuesday, the day it's customarily posted. The galleries have not been down that long. Earlier in the week, all the photos of the week were viewable in the gallery, but there was no new one for this week. This happens often enough. Either a photo is chosen and then deleted by the photographer so it disappears, or a photo on a given week is simply not chosen.
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  14. and i did but the thread was, thankfully, booted into touch (i’d made an appalling spelling mistake and was too late in trying to correct it).
  15. I think it was the fashion, not the grammar, police what did you in. That shocking pink swimsuit was just a bridge too far! :)
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  16. The elves were in Disneyland, too funny.
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  17. wasn’t that shocking, was it? did it suit me?

    anyway, i’m grateful to whoever deleted the thread without telling me. i was so relieved not to be reminded of my faux pas.
  18. Admin

    Admin Testing Staff Member

    we have covered this before - a POTW is nominated and the photographer delete's it possibly because they don't want to be subjected to the critique that comes with it on occasion. If any of you wish to nominate a photo go ahead and do so.
  19. how?
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  20. how? i tried and an unnamed mod deleted my post.
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