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  1. On both my Win XP and Win & machines, Adobe Bridge won't operate because of a box that says "This application failed to start because libagluc28.dll was not found". I've tried doing an internet search for that file, but seem to have turned up only false positives or apparent scams wanting me to run installers. I've had missing CMAP files before and it was enough to find that file somewhere and simply drag it into the appropriate directory. I wonder where I can find the missing file above so I can do likewise. Thank you.
  2. Probably, your best bet would be to contact Adobe directly. I'd be willing to bet that you're not the only one to have this problem, and Adobe might have the solution. I've had this happen before, especially with older software on newer computer systems. Good luck!
  3. That DLL may have changed due to conflicting applications. Welcome to DLL Hell.

    Try un-installing, rebooting, then re-installing Bridge.
  4. What's odd is that on the computer I am using right now, a Win 10 machine with the CC photographer's apps installed, there doesn't seem to be a libagluc28.dll file anywhere. In fact, to see whether the file had been updated, I also searched on liba*.dll and found nothing. I wonder if it is a dll that isn't used in current versions of the Adobe apps.

    My suggestion would be the same as Ed's: uninstall, reboot, and reinstall. In theory, a fresh installation should install anything the software needs. However, Windows XP is almost 20 years old and hasn't been supported by Microsoft for 5 years, so it's possible that the current version of Bridge won't work properly under it. If you have the old perpetual-license version that you installed before, that should work with the old OS.

    Because I don't have libagluc28.dll, I couldn't see where it resides. However, some people posted things on the web suggesting that it was installed in folders for the individual Adobe apps, not in the c:\windows\system<32> directory, where most *.dlls reside. If that is the case, you could simply copy the file from the folder for an Adobe program that works into the relevant folder for Bridge. However, it would be easy to get the location wrong, so you might end up reinstalling anyway.

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