Mirrorless Monday, Oct 8, 2018

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    Leica D Lux 109
    L1000732 (1024x685).jpg
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  3. Fungi of the forest floor. fungi3.jpg
    Kodak Ektra smartphone.
  4. I have known Jaya since she was a few days old. Now she studies garment design and does a little modelling.
    Micro-Nikkor 55/2.8 on Sony A7
  5. Jyoti, the mother of the girl in the previous photo.
    Nikkor 85/2 on Sony A7
  6. Portrait of Sarah2.jpg Sony A7RII, FE 85mm f/1.4 GM
    Portrait of Sarah
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  7. Three frames from a Sony A7R using vintage lenses, as noted.

    Copper Beech (Tamron Adaptall II SP 500mm F/8 Mirror (Model 55B)

    Copper Beech framed copy.jpg

    Country Comfort (35-210mm Tamron Adaptall II f/3.5-4.2 (Model 26A)

    Country Comfort copy.jpg
    Green Flowered Cherry (KMZ 50mm Industar f/3.5)

    Green Flowered Cherry copy.jpg
  8. Sunday (10/7) mirrorless lake-'scapes...




    From the top of the dam and looking back the other way.


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  9. The Wall, Paris
    XT-2 The Wall, 1000.jpg
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  10. Lou, your photo and mine both show a problem common in flash work: reflection of the flash off the skin. I toned it down in the first photo but did nothing to the second.
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  11. 0022mdc Picado Arco Costantino Año315Roma-Voigtländer HeliarII15.jpg Voigtländer Heliar II 15 on Fuji X-E1
  12. Leica M9, 50/2 Summicron, Sweetwater Creek State Park, Atlanta, GA. Tough to find a good angle on this little fishing dock.

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  13. Got a bit wild with the editor. X-E1 & XC 50-230 Aloha, Bill 2k18-086-DSCF1665 ces100 11x14 xxx.JPG
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  14. Yes, sometimes a large source helps and a bit of makeup. But some skin just gets shiny. Retouching helps but I try to use it sparingly.

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