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  1. I hope I haven't posted this one before. I have a "system" to prevent re-posts but it may have broken down. Anyway, Ferrari, Panasonic GX1, 45-200mm Zoom, Cannery Row. Cannery Row 21g_Michelin Driving Experience_Ferrari_1.jpg
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  2. Not seen this before. This time I get the face :)

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  3. Dew pond, Kingley Vale.
    Fujifilm X30
  4. Fuji X-T20 XC50-230mm
    WaterBirds_F8453-700 (1 of 1).jpg
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  5. _DSC2698_2.JPG

    Masked Lapwing
    Sony A7III, Sony 200-600mm G OSS
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  6. pink_petal_macro_KA032477.JPEG

    Olympus OM-D

    60mm Macro
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  7. Albarracín (Teruel) Spain
    0006MLC Low Key MF Subiendo Bajando Callejas Cuesta Peldaños-Voigtländer HeliarII15.jpg

    the two with Fujifilm X-E1. Voigtländer Heliar II 15​
  8. Three floral images from a Sony A7R, lenses noted.

    Tamron SP 500mm f/8 Tele-Macro Catadioptric

    Impressions of Spring copy.jpg

    70-150mm Vivitar (Kino) f/3.8

    Clivea copy.jpg

    135mm Sigma Sigmatel Scalematic f/1.8

    Pretty as a Picture Prunus Yukon copy.jpg
  9. L1001109 copy.jpg
    Leica M10-P
    CV 40mm Nokton f/1.2
  10. Z7 18-400mm Tamron mirrorless_1018.JPG King St, Old Town Alexandria now permanently “pedestrians only” - 92% of townspeople voted for this change. Walk and eat in the street:)
  11. Fuji X-e1 & XC 15-50 2k21-040a-015 ces13 bm.JPG
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