Mirrorless Monday, May 31, 2021

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  1. Stairway, Panasonic GX1, 14mm Lens.
    Carmel 21c_Seventh Avenue_Stairs_1.jpg
  2. Lychnis and Gaura, backlit. lychnis.jpg
    Sony NEX-6, Osawa 24-43mm
  3. 0013MLC Terror Máscara Boca Cosida-ZuikoED14-150.jpg Olympus M.Zuiko ED 14-150 (150) on Olympus E-PL5

  4. lamp_pylon.jpeg

    iPhone 8 Plus
  5. L1000054P.jpg
    Leica M9M
    15mm Super Wide Heliar III
  6. _DSC1459.JPG

    Mandarin Duck
    Sony A7III, Sony 200-600mm G OSS
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  8. Thank you, Ludmilla. I'm glad someone else found it interesting besides me! An urban vegetable garden covered for IMG_1712.jpg the cool nights (I guess).
  9. Canon R5 70-200 2.8 rf
    I can hear the bull frog calling my name

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  10. I'm glad someone else found it interesting besides me!

    Now I know, it is much less interesting. I thought it was some kind of homicide investigation or Covid mass grave. My fevered imagination.
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  11. :rolleyes: Sorry I burst your bubble! Imagination is a good thing!

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