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  1. A town with a population of less than 4000 has been spending $20,000 a year on Mutt Mitts. No more. The problem with wearing "the mask" is that it cuts off that vital part of your vision that shows you where you are stepping.
    P1000061a (1).jpg
  2. Fuji X-T20 XC 50-230mm
    GooseStare_F3227-589 (1 of 1).jpg
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  3. Covid-safe fruit and veg:

    The strawberries were very, very good:

    Both camera jpegs, Fuji X-T10, 7artisans 35/1.2
  4. L1000842P.jpg
    Leica M8
    Tri-Elmar (28mm)

  5. Suburbia


    Olympus OM-D
  6. 0002MLC Mamá Bebé Niño Señalando Dedo-NoktonSC40.jpg
    Voigtländer Nokton SC 40 on Fuji X-P1​
  7. A few from a Sony A7R using heritage lenses, as noted.

    Almost the Last ( 35-70mm Vivitar (Kino) Macro Focusing Zoom f/3.8)

    Almost the Last copy.jpg

    Foothills (135mm Auto Tele Rokkor PG f/2.8)

    Foothills copy.jpg

    Testing the Pancolar
    (50 mm Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar f/2)

    Testing the Pancolar #1 copy.jpg

    Vivid (50 mm Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar f/2)

    Vivid copy.jpg

    Wind and the Eucalypts (28mm RMC Tokina Wide-Angle f/2.8)

    Wind and the Eucalypts copy.jpg
  8. Sony a6000 / Sony/Zeiss 16-80mm 4.0

  9. Plumeria Flowers. Grey scaled in post. Fuji X-E1 & XC 16-50. Aloha, Bill 2k20-009-Wai.JPG

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