Mirrorless Monday, Mar 19, 2018

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  1. Saint Junipero, Fuji XT10, 50-230mm
    Carmel Mission 18a_2.jpg
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  3. 0001aml- Ras Desde Suelo Empedrado Piedras Losas-Voigtländer HeliarII15.jpg Voigtländer Heliar II 15 on Fuji X-E1
  4. Dallas Blooms at the Arboretum, with the Olympus E-M1 Mark II.



  5. Spearhead

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    Funicular, Lisbon
  6. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

  7. Sony a6000 / Sony/Zeiss 16-70mm

  8. Everest ride in Disney's Animal Kingdom. X-T2 50-230 _DSF6358.jpg
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  10. [​IMG]
    GX80 + Sigma 60mm f2.8
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  11. [​IMG]
    GOPRO ?? the cheapest one
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  12. Infinity
    XT-2, XF23mm F2
    Fuji XT-2, XF23mm F2

    So now 1000 pixel images won't load?
  14. Three images from a Sony ILCE-7R using vintage lenses, as noted.

    High Street (24mm Tamron Adaptall II f/2.5 Model 01b)

    High Street copy.jpg

    Prairie Gentian (50mm E.Ludwig Meritar f/2.9)

    Prairie Gentian 002_2 copy.jpg

    Reclamation (24mm Tamron Adaptall II f/2.5 (Model 01b)

    Reclamation copy.jpg
  15. Sort, I realized afterwards that I already had this picture posted last week.
  16. Little Shreya was happily smiling at me and at other people, so I asked the adult with her if I might take a picture. He told me that I had photographed her some months ago.
    Nikkor 105/2.5 on Sony A7
  17. 5A924C62-EBF4-43FE-97A4-A82402CCB582.jpeg Hiking in Wyoming. Olympus Pen F with Leica 12/1.4

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