Mirrorless Monday, June 19, 2017

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  1. Sam Schumacher Glass Blowing Demo
    Carmel 17c_San Carlos Street_Sam Schumacher Demo_3.jpg
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  2. Young Siza could not believe that I did not know her famous companion Barbie. mirr_barbie.jpg
    Nikon 85/2 on Sony A7
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  3. Fisherhead, Robin Hood's Bay.
    Lumix LX-100
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  4. X-Pro2 XF 50mm[​IMG]
  5. Electricity


    iPhone 5s​
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  6. The orchid house, West Dean.
    Panny GX7, Zuiko 9-18mm.
  7. Fence and it's shadow, X-E2 with Canon 35-105 FD lens and adapter.

    au secours 2.jpg
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  8. Ricoh GXR with A16 Module R0011410_4514R0011410.JPG
  9. Pt lobos pnaacle.jpg PINNACLE COVE, POINT LOBOS
    Fuji XT-2, XF18-55F2.8
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  10. The Secret Garden
    Sony A7Rii + 24-70/2.8
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