Mirrorless Monday, June 10, 2019

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  1. Fire Hydrant, Panasonic GF1, 14mm
    Carmel 19c_Ocean Avenue_Fire Hydrant_1.jpg
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    Leica D Lux 109 The chair is against the wall
    L1000838 (1000x665).jpg
  3. When a pack of karts, nose to tail, scream by at 70+ mph, the wide angle & 1/1000th speed of the X-E1 / XC 16-50 @ 16mm is Nice ! 2k19-062-DSCF5280 ces13 bm 16x9.JPG
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  4. Four frames from a Sony A7R using a venerable 85-205mm f/3.8 Vivitar Macro Focusing Zoom. Manufactured by Kino Precision, this lens went through several versions and was very popular during the 1960-70's. Somewhat surprisingly, it performs very well on the digital platform.


    1994 copy.jpg


    Brooks copy.jpg

    The Orange Cloud

    The Orange Cloud copy.jpg


    Possibly a Motel copy.jpg

  5. Monday.jpg Monday l.jpg Canon S120; walking the neighborhood.
  6. iphone X

    thirsty work
    Fujifilm XT-2 Windswept, 1024.jpg
  8. That's the kind of surprise we all hope for. :) You really don't need to spend too much to find good optics. Not always, anyway. As a rule of thumb, it seems that if a lens can perform well on a digital camera, it will perform equally as well on a film camera.



    Sony NEX​
  9. Saturday morning reflection, just before sunrise, with the Leica M262 and 135mm f3.4 APO Telyt.

  10. Vintage, X-T2, 23mm f2
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  11. Witchcraft, X-T2, 56 1.2
  12. 0025mlc Llevando Vasos Café-FujiXF27.jpg Fuji XF 27 on Fuji X-P1
  13. Fuji X-T20....................British Summer.
    BritishSummer_F1477-564 (1 of 1).jpg
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