Mirrorless Monday, June 1, 2020

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  1. The Overlook, Carmel Beach, Panasonic GF1, 14-45mm Zoom
    Carmel Beach 20d_The Overlook_1.jpg
  2. Helios-44 bubble bokeh.
    Lumix G80, Helios44 58 mm f2

    Bubble bokeh is achieved by reversing the rear element of the Helios: this puts it in the same bokeh ballpark as lenses like the Meyer-Optik Trioplan, but for much less moolah.
  3. Keeping in the shade...................Fuji X-T20 XC50-230mm
    InTheShade_F3557-603 (1 of 1).jpg
  4. La Correze
    Fuji X-E1, 7artisans 35/1.2, handheld (against a rock), camera jpeg.
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  5. L1000227PC.jpg
    Leica M-P 240
    15mm Super-Wide Heliar Aspherical III VM
  6. Smart. And it looks amazing. I don't like the softness though.



    Olympus OM-D
  7. Late afternoon storm cloud monochrome conversions using Adobe camera raw of files captured with the Leica CL and 55-135mm TL zoom..


  8. coachman
    0001a Cochero Saludando Sombrero Época Goyesca-FujiXF27.jpg Fuji XF 27 on Fuji X-P1
  9. It doesn't seem like it, but there were two.
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  10. Tulips from last month...G7X MkII 012Aa.jpg
  11. Greg, awesome clouds. David, those are terrific.
  12. Doubletree
    XT-1, 18-55 Tomales 1024.jpg
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