Mirrorless Monday, July 27, 2020

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  1. Coast Guard Pier, Monterey, Panasonic GF1
    Monterey 20d_Coast Guard Pier_2.jpg
  2. Sky blue delphinium
    Pen E-PL6, Lumix 20/1.7, Raynox M-150
  3. Recovered after my system lunched itself over an update
    (no files lost, but I fear it's going to require a rebuild)
    X-T10, Pentacon 135mm f2.8 on a Lens Turbo II @ f8 (or thereabouts)
  4. Fuji X-T20 & XF60mm f2.4
    PeacockButterfly_F4401-617 (1 of 1).jpg
  5. L1000188PC.jpg
    Leica M8
    35mm Asph Summicron-M
  6. Zebra swallowtail butterfly - M5

    [​IMG]Untitled by c w, on Flickr
  7. the cleaning lady
    0007MLC Limpieza-Limpiando-Zuiko45.jpg Olymus M.Zuiko 45 on E-PL5
  8. Bug porn, X-H1, Sigma 150 macro. XH005901.jpg
  9. Geranium buds, X-H1, Sigma 150 macro. XH005779.jpg
  10. [​IMG]
    NEOWISE detail /2
    | A7 III and Minolta MC-Rokkor 135mm F2.8 and lots of stacking and post-processing
  11. The leading edge of a pretty heavy storm. Canon G7X MkII 024Aa.jpg

  12. The Maestro


    iPhone 6S

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