Mirrorless Monday, Jan 04, 2021

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  1. Pipes, Cannery Row, Panasonic GX1, 14-45mm Zoom
    Cannery Row 20i_1.jpg
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  2. L1000693P.jpg
    Leica M10-P
    CV 75mm Heliar Classic VM
  3. Levin Down nature reserve. Those are snow clouds. reserve.jpg
    Panny G6, Tamron 35-70mm f3.5
  4. Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the streets...
    X-T10, 12/2
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  5. Thank for the likes but after seeing my photo here I starting disliking it so much I deleted it from everywhere. I'm going to try for a more upbeat look at life going forward...may take a few weeks.
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  6. Emily's Glass Art - Kailua Farmers Market. Aloha, Bill Fuji X-e1 & XC 16-50 2k20-096-2020-12-27 005 ces10 bm 4x6.JPG
  7. X-H1, 16-80 iso 6400

  8. Don’t be too hard on yourself, these are troubling times. Your photo is certainly moody but not downbeat, IMO. Your recent twin photo posts here have been excellent.
  9. Distressing to hear your judgement on your 'Pipes' photo since it looks so much like one of mine [jk]. It may be an outlier for you, but still very good I think.
    None of us are brain dead children here, and have much life experience, but it must be said that these times are the dregs of human existence.
  10. [​IMG]
    Sony A7 + FE 28mm F2 + 0.75x UWC (=21mm)
  11. The last thing we need is upbeat photo's, please keep posting your miserable pic's;)
  12. I have no idea what you you're talking about. You're a fine photographer and - I'll speak for myself - I always enjoy you're contributions.

    Photography is about telling a story through picture(s) - that's what you do! And that story isn't always "upbeat."
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  13. 0006a Leyendo Menú-W-Nikkor-C35.jpg W-Nikkor.C 35 on Fuji X-E2​
  14. Sony A7III, Tamron 17-28 f2.8


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