Mirrorless Monday, April 10, 2017

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  1. Eighteenth Fairway Pebble Beach 17a_3.jpg
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  2. Boatyard Monterey 17b_Breakwater Cove Marina_1.jpg
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  3. 999_siza.jpg Was lucky to meet Siza when I had a medium tele lens on my camera. Nikkor 85/2 on Sony A7.
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  4. Surrealistic shrubbery.


    Panny GX-7, Zuiko 9-18mm.
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  5. Beg pardon, that shot was with the Panny G5 (infrared-converted) camera.
  6. Mukul, what beautiful eyes she has.
    The nice weather has people going to the beach by me.
    I took my Canon G3X out for a walk. 0434-rusty bench.jpg
  7. This gal had a decent spiral. On the football toss, that is! 0453-football.jpg
  8. Not windy enough to lift Fido off the ground, don't worry! 0440-kite.jpg
  9. She does indeed, akocurek, and I intend to photograph them again.
  10. Shake, version deux.


    Panasonic DMC-FZ1000
  11. And a portrait from the OM-D E-M1

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  12. a7rII with 70-200 f4 lens. Jamaica Sunset 1703310588_HDR.jpg
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  14. Big man on campus. 1972 Polaris in Minolta mount, pride of place on a GX 7. Only for display, but it is a real 55-300 mm fixed aperture 4.5 zoom that actually works. Great for body building too.

    GX 7 with Polaris in MC mount 55-300.jpg
  15. Steven, that's a fantastic shot. Wonderful. Gerry, that lens is nothing compared to its 135 equivalent!



    iPhone 5S​
  16. X-Pro2 35Summicron[​IMG]
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