Mirrorless Monday, April 1, 2019

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  1. Fuji XE1, 27mm
    Wharf 2, 19b_2.jpg
  2. DSCF2419.jpg
    Fuji X-E1, Hexanon 40mm

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  3. Ultra Violet
    XT-2, XF23mm f2 Ultra Violet, 1024.jpg
  4. Sweetly she sleeps.
    Lumix GM1, Industar-69 28mm pancake.
  5. Four from a Sony A7R, using heritage lenses as noted.

    After the Rain (55mm Fujinon f/2.2)

    After the Rain.jpg

    The Morning After (70-210mm Sigma UC f/4-5.6)

    The Morning After.jpg

    Amaryllis Belladonna (Tamron Adaptall II 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5 (Model 44A)

    Amaryllis Belladonna.jpg

    Summer Country (28-85mm Rokinon MC Macro f/3.5-4.5)

    Summer Country.jpg
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  6. So9ny A7RIII with FE 24-105/4G
  7. Santa Claus is on Vacation somewhere in California. Sony a600 / Sony/Zeiss 17-70mm 4.0

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  8. Rick, I really like that Fujinon 55.



    Panasonic LZ1​
  9. Leica (Typ 114) Lunchtime-web.jpg
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  10. Spring at the Arboretum, with the Olympus E-M1X and 300mm f4 M. Zuiko.





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