Mirror Lock up on Canon 5D

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by james_smith|20, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. Hello All,

    I still new to all of this and have been reading alot of comments
    on this forum about "mirror lockup" or wishing for a seperate mirror
    lockup button on the new 5d. I would like to get some help in
    explaining what is mirror lockup and why is it used. What type of
    situation would it be used in.

  2. astrophotography
  3. Mirror lock up is a function that lock up the mirror a couple of second before the shutter activate. This way vibration caused by the mirror does not effect the image. In an over simplified view, it is a good idea to use it for (non-hand held) supper telephoto lens (e.g.: 400mm+) and > 1:1 macro (non-hand held) where shutter speed is between 1 to 1/15 seconds.

    It is a pain as is in 5D because fliping between menu could cause vibration which change the set up and decrease the effectiveness of mirror lock-up.

    And yes astrophotography so a star remains a pin point light source.
  4. Quick question for Tommy, I thought someone concluded MLU could be CF to the `C` mode on the command dial,? making it easier. can you confirm, as I havn`t got the 5d yet

    best regards
  5. You can set the Custom setting to mirror lockup

  6. Mirro lock-up procedures on the 5D user manual is

    1. press menu button 2. press jump a few time to get to the yellow menu 3. scroll down to CFn 4.Press set 5.Scroll to Cfn 12 6.Press set 7.Scroll to enable 8.Press set 9.Press shutter half way to get back to shooting mode

    There are labels in the LCD to guide you each ways but is there a short cut I missed?
  7. Chris: Yes. MLU can be register into the C-mode, Thanks. Didn' think of that before (I am still new to the 5D). The C setting in the mode dial can be use as a short cut to get in and out of MLU (Cool). Now, i am justing wishing there is 2 C-mode instead of just one :)
  8. Given that the Konica Minolta 7D offers 3 custom modes (and has more single knob/button access to functions to begin with), I'm actually surprised Canon stuck with just the one for the 5D. I really can't see the point of Bulb being a special position on the command dial rather than just being the shutter speed after 30 seconds when it could so easily have been (and maybe still could be with new firmware) a second custom position.
  9. Canon's implementation of mirror lockup stinks across the board, but with the 5D it's particularly galling considering they found room on the body for a Direct Print button. This button belongs on Rebel cameras rather than US$3000+ bodies.

    I know a Canon field tester, and with every new body he mentions the poor MLU implementation in his feedback. Judging by what he hears from fellow pros Canon gets the same message from lots of folks. Yet they do nothing about it. Annoying.


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