mirror damping foam for AE-1

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by wensheng_he, Apr 21, 1999.

  1. Hi, everyone,
    I need to replace the mirror foam for my Canon AE-1. I live in Lawrence (a small town in Kansas), and can not find a repair shop here. I also tried find the replacement foam from the website of Fargo Enterprises, seems I could not find any foam there from their online catalog.(I am not familar with their website, maybe I am not searching it the right way... ).
    Could anybody give me a suggestion about the right place to get the replacement material, and, if I want to fix it by myself, what is the most important thing to know. thanks.
  2. Wensheng,
    Fargo is the place. It isn't the easiest to find on their page. I
    just ordered a selection of foam from them. Call them at 1-800-359-
    2878. I think that the 2mm foam (#LB2MM) is a good match for the
    mirror bumper. You should also check the foam that seals your camera
    back. Double check with fargo for proper foam type/thickness for
    your camera; they may have a suggestion. (The metric size foam is
    "open cell" type, english measures like 3/32 inch are "closed
    cell".) I had a camera re-foamed "professionally". He used open
    cell foam for the mirror bumper (seems to be 2mm) and closed cell
    foam for the camera back (seems to be 3/32 inch).
    Good luck, Karl
  3. At Fargo look for Light Baffles. That is what the foam is called.
    They also sell kits of a piece of each thickness foam.
  4. Wensheng,
    If you have not repaired your camera yet, or have other problems in
    the future, there is a very good repair shop about 20 miles west of
    you on highway 24 in Topeka. I got the foam and light seals replaced
    on my AE1 for about $15.00, and on other repairs he has free

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