Mirko- Any Chances of Efke 25 Returning- As Adox CHS II 25?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by 25asa, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. Since film is starting to bounce back and have a bit of a resurgence, and now that Adox with Mirko finally have most of their pieces in place to produce their own film, is their any chance we might see Efke 25 return, possibly named Adox CHS II 25?

    I loved this film and have a small stash of it, but not in all formats I use. Plus one day it will run out. It seemed to me the 25 speed film was the sweet spot in the Efke lineup. Anyone else miss this film (minus the problems it had in manufacture)?
  2. SCL


    I really enjoyed using it...low ISO allowed me to use wider aperture in daylight without ND filters. I hope it gets reintroduced.
  3. I didn't shoot a ton with it.

    I loved the look but hated how curly my negatives tended to be. I'd certainly shoot it again if it came back(I never tried it in 120, and all I have left now in 35mm and sheets is 50) and enjoy it, but would hope they could manage to make it not curl as much.
  4. 120 was beautiful if you could get past the light leaks around the paper backing. I always made sure I took two shots of everything and allowed for some cropping. 0716M-14.jpg
  5. Adox CMS 20 has superiour resolution to Efke 25 so someone who wants an ultra-high resolution film is likely going for CMS 20.
    Why would Adox release a film that would divide the already niche market of CMS 20?

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