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  1. A WHILE AGO someone sent me a page about cleaning miranda lenses
    they tend to get oily diaphrams
    could you send it again?
    an hour's search yielded no results.
    the part I really did not understand was how the 1,4 lens could be taken apart
    with out messing up everything
    I know the 1.8 and 1.9 lenes are easy
    someone who is VERY knowledable told me the canon 1.4 ssc comes apart easily.
  2. I found riccardo who had fixed his miranda lenses.
    but it was a long and difficult search thru my mail ,
    but still suggestions will be gratefully read and even tried.
    my eyes are not that good to do fine work,

    and this seems a common problem for this brand of lenses.
    I have talked to rick oleson and he has done this with other lenses and gave me some suggestions.
  3. Walter, if you dismantle the lens, mark it where the barrel separates from the threads. I don't remember the Miranda (I've had a Miranda 50mm apart some time ago), there's usually a couple different ways to thread the barrel back on. I just did this last week with a reflex lens for Minolta, and I couldn't get it to focus when on the wrong threads.

    If I remember correctly, there were tiny screws right in the barrel that allowed me to open up the Miranda lens.
  4. the sensomat/sensorex 1.8 and 1.9 and the miranda D PAD 50mm 1.9 and the PAD 35mm f/2.8, are constructed in 2 groups, No screws at all.
    I have such bad eyes that I coulkd not cope with that.

    unscrew the frount group
    place a soft rubber spatuala on the rear group after you rack the lens back to infinity. Unscrew that group.

    Often the diaphram blades will be SO bad that they cannot move.
    I swished mine in alcohol ( drinking type) and it loosened it up a bit.
    I read that Lighter fluid will work ( naptha) but not charcoal lighter fluid.

    i am sitting here with the mecahnical body of my Miranda D 35mm f/2.8 lens. this design it seems to be much simpler .
    the 50mm lens I worked on 2 years ago focused properly after re-assembly
    I was told that a Canon 50mm f/1.4 works the same way and it took him 15 minutes to fix a sticky lens.
    wish me luck!
  5. I believe you referred to this:

    unfortunately, I wrote little text back then and now it is too late to add from memory.
  6. I wouldn't let Miranda any where near my lenses. ;)
  7. Mohir Ali: I don't blame you.
    all that fruit salad on her head could attack the glass.
    seriously the only "miranda" in the ads was that very fat young woman, remember the ads? I wonder what happened to her.

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