Miranda-EE and Banal fotos

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  1. Ok ,that little guy keeps dropping cameras off to me this trip its a Miranda EE in very very clean shape the only dis-pare is some one put their S.S.# on the bottom that"s all other wise as the fotos will show its very clean and came with lens cap: the very last foto that will be posted is a crop job and the flower on the left is in focus.
    Also can not get the meter needle to move but went out with it and used it in EE mode. But used fuji 400 ISO film xtra color negative I think it got soup wrong ??
  2. Last Banal foto for me, enjoy ,camera still works # 5
  3. Thanks. I really liked image #4. Nice looking camera, too. Miranda offered a 3 year warranty when most makers only offered 1 or 2 years. Thanks for posting.
  4. I noticed one dismaying thing when I shot slide film in my Sensomat using Miranda lenses. There just wasn't the sort of saturation I'm used to. I used my M42 adapter and an old Mamiya/Sekor 55/1.4 and the colors were more what I expected. Same film, too. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but it confronted me on both the 50mm and 35mm Auto Miranda lenses. I like the camera, but I use M42 lenses on it now.
  5. I agree with Mike about #4 -- very catchy image.
  6. Nice,
    Here's an ad for the camera from Popular Photography May 1971
  7. Nice photos Lauren, thanks for posting.

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