Minox Riga shutter system

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  1. Hello there
    Does anyone know much about the Minox Riga shutter system? and how different it may be from the Minox A one? I recently acquired another very early production Riga which has its complete shutter system missing. Is it possible to use new parts for the repair? Thank you
  2. riga shutter system is very different from later model. they can't share any part each other. if repair riga you have to buy a riga or build parts yourself.
  3. Yes, I also just found this quote:

    ....A modern Minox shutter blade is just that, a very thin piece of steel. A Riga-Minox shutter blade comes in two parts: a light weight frame shaped a bit like a capital P, except that the round part of the frame is longer (taller) than it is wide unlike on the letter. A thin groove is milled into the face of the frame, the oblong top of the P. The shutter foil is then carefully placed into the groove and gently patted into place. Then the shutter foil is soldered into the frame! This must, of course, be done for each of the two blades!....(Peter Zimmerman; The Minox Memo Series 2, Volume 1, Number 1)

    I would be inclined to custom make some blades as many Riga's have theirs missing. CNC laser cutting of thin metal sheets is so easy and cheap nowadays. Anyone interested?

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