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  1. I last used my Minox ML ten years ago, but recently I got a new battery and started shooting...using Fuji 400H. I had forgotten how much fun and inspiration that little gem provides. So much knowledge of photographers incorporated. I will take it and it alone on my next vacation, with a backup Canon GT.
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    I don't have to return to film... I never left. I've been shooting film since 1974.

    To me, a digital camera is just a computer that takes photos. Too much software is involved for low-tech me. Too many dials, levers and buttons on the cameras for me to handle, not to mention all the menus and sub menus. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! And Auto-Focus! It should be called "Out-of Focus," considering all the focus points (?) that are possible in the viewfinder. How do you know where your main subject is going to be? Ahh, just too complicated for my 70 yr old brain to process...
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  3. The cameras available for film these days give such great results that I can't justify neglecting them. How could I ignore a Leica M3, a Rollei 3.5 f, a Voigtlander Prominent II? Those are pinnacles of technical achievement. And their lenses! And it unsettles me to contemplate leaving a legacy of images only in fragile binary code. I shoot digital in special circumstances and for short-term use, and that is all.
  4. unlike your photos in your Minox thread :)
  5. Oneupmanship adds nothing, just muddies the water. I didn't say ALL cameras with any film in any conditions do great stuff. You are pretending I said that so you can knock over a straw man. Surely you can find another way to feel good about yourself.
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  6. To see what a Minox can do in good conditions with the right film, look at Red Buckner's post in this forum entitled Zone Focusing.

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