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Discussion in 'Minox' started by B. C. S., Nov 7, 2017.

  1. There was a post on facebook page 'Minox Vintage Photography' that a guy was making paper negatives in his Minox. Kind of inspired me to try it, even though it will probably never be very useful. I used Adorama VC RC paper cut to a 10 in. strip. Exposed at EI 10. Look pretty good. I'm going to set up the Minox enlarger when I get a chance and see if I can print them. I'll post them if I get any results.

    Minox Paper Neg.jpg
  2. Well now I've seen everything. Was it hard advancing the paper through the camera? I would be concerned it would unduly strain the advance gears due to the thickness of the paper. Actually kind of a neat idea though.
  3. Thanks, John. The "film" seemed to advance without any undue force. As I said, someone else had already done this so I figured it would work. I was concerned about thickness too. The strip was only 10 in. so not very long. That pretty much fills the cassette - I don't think anything longer would work.
  4. Well, I put these in my Minox enlarger. Even at full lamp brightness I couldn't see any image on the easel. Guess the paper is just too dense, even though this is pretty thin paper. I scanned these to look at the photos in positive. Not too good. This method may have an advantage somewhere, but not for general photos.

    Barn 2.jpg
  5. Well, I think I would contact print first, then use a digital camera with a macro lens and extension tubes to photograph the resultant positive. I have a Olympus E-410 that can mount an adapted Vivitar 55mm f2.8 macro than can focus to 1:1, then just add a another 30mm of extension to get to about 1.6:1 which should be about right. That whole set up would be hard to hold steady though. I think I'd place a bean bag on the camera to damp vibration.

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