Minox monocular

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  1. The Minox monocular close focusg to 1.5 m

  2. The Minox monocular can also be used in reverse as a magnifier.
  3. tel1.jpg
    Taken through MD616 with digital camera
  4. tel2.jpg tel2.jpg
    Telephoto with MD616
  5. MINOX  MD7X42C.jpg
    MINOX MD 7X42C monocular
  6. One design fault of this "Minox" MD7x42c monocular is the eyepiece is too big, not compatible with any Minox binicular clamp

    hence it is impossible to attach a Minox camera to the eye piece and take photo through the monocular.

    In fact this item has nothing to do with Minox, it is only a rebadged item.

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