Minox ML , GT-E ISO dial

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  1. Some used Minox 35 camera may have worn off Iso dials.
    The attached picture are the dials of ML and GT-E. The one on top with "iso" is the ML dial, GT-E dial has no 'ISO"
    Note that the two dials are not identical. ML dial is slightly tighter.
    My Kiev 35 , a copy of EL has different style dial. ( Not shown )
  2. Gerald McMullon has uploaded 14 Minox 35 camera dials, from EL
    TO GT-X at

    GT-X dial shows ISO UP TO 3200. But the dial is only a reminder dial
    the camera set ISO with DX CODE. For cartridge without DX code,
    it sets to ISO 25
  3. The ISO dials of all the Minox 35mm cameras are shown at www.submin.com/35mm/colection/minox

    Minox are still able to supply the dials. They have peel off backing and are self adhesive. Removal of the old dial is easy with a sharp blade to lift off at the edge. Just be careful not to slip and mark the body of the camera. It takes 2 seconds.

    Only the later cameras have ISO only markings in white. This has been seen on some ML cameras, but they could have been fitted later. Others have the dual orange and green ASA/DIN markings.


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