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  1. Hello All,
    I had an opportunity to buy a complete ME-1 kit for a really low price - so I bit on it. Haven't received it yet, but, my question is: Does anyone know what battery it takes? The seller said the NiCad won't hold a charge. Not surprising, as old as it is, and it has apparently sat unused for many years.
    I'm hoping I can find the right battery, or make one up. so I can use it.
  2. Got my ME-1 the other day. It works great plugged in. Of course, the battery doesn't hold a charge as the seller stated. Took it apart and found it uses two 4/5 Sub-C NiCads. Have some on the way. More when I get it back together. Minox ME-1 Flash.jpg
  3. Yes, the power supply is worn on the belt or in a pocket, but is still kind of heavy. The flash head is light but nearly doubles the length of my Minox B. On the other hand, I wanted it because it's vintage Minox and goes with my cameras.
    It is early 60's technology. There is no circuit board or computer chip inside. Just a transformer, rectifier, two capacitors and two cells, all with point to point wiring. As an old guy, I like it - easy to work on.
  4. View attachment 1262734 Well, got my two new NiCad cells and put them in today. The unit is charging now - Minox says 12-16 hours to fully charge. We'll see how it works later.
    Flass Batt Repl 02.jpg Flash Batt Repl 01.jpg Flass Batt Repl 03.jpg


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