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Discussion in 'Minox' started by john_sonewald, Dec 12, 1999.

  1. Given the rarity of short focal length lenses for enlargers, has anyone tried scavenging a lens from a trashed Minox and mounting it in an enlarger to use for printing?
  2. K. Dauer's thread "Source for enlarging lens" provided a valuable
    experience (the first in submini news groups ) of using microfiche reader lens
    He used an Olympus microfiche lens.
    <p> A non working Minox with good lens is usually repairable. Nonetheless it is a good idea to try
    to take the lens out and mount it as enlarging lens. I have a dead Rollei 110, I was planing to dig out the lens and use it as 8x11mm enlarging lens, but never get to really do it.
  3. In general this might be a resonable way to get a short focal lenght
    1. I agree with Martin: it is better to repair the minox
    2. If you would pull out the lens from the camera,
    there would be no mechanism to focus anymore
    3. The enlarger for this need a special construction
    to bring the lens as close as 15 mm to the negative.
    The most enlargers do not allow this.
    4. If one would do this anyway: The lenses from the
    models II, III, IIIs and B are not useable, because
    they need a curved negative holder.


    From my experience, the very best solution is a
    minox enlarger, the second best solution a
    35 mm enlarger with a 28mm (or such) lens.
  4. This isn't my idea, (I saw it on www.subclub.org) but I have been
    using an 18mm interchangeable lens from a Pentax 110 SLR. These
    lenses are not as hard to come by as you might think, and
    once "bodged" onto your standard 35 MM enlarger give really good
    results. I paid £20 (UK pounds) for mine, and have never looked back.

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