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  1. This item is part of a Minox lot which I've purchased recently.It is not yet in my possession,so I cannot describe exactly how it works.However,the seller says that this lot was purchased in Japan,and he was told this item will help him "trim Minox film"...whatever that means.And yes,seller claims this is a genuine Minox item.
    Anyone knows anything about this slitter/trimmer?Could it be a genuine Minox product?I mean,I know Minox manufactured and sold a Minox film slitter,but it is an altogether different build and design.Could it be an aftermarket 9.2. slitter from 35mm ,sold together with Minox cameras and accessories?It could be so,since looking at the front cylinder,I can see 4 distinct strips:two in the middle same width,and 1 on each margin,smaller width.This sounds just like my Zipslit cutter results,where 35mm is split in 4 strips,2 of 9.2. and one in each side,where the sprocket holes are.
    Any reply on the above will be greatly appreciated,thanks!
  2. The slitter reminds me of the descriptions I have seen of Russian 16mm slitters.
    I have even seen mention made of adapting those to the Minox format, and I would think what you have bought will be fine. This would need the help of someone with a lathe and great skill.
  3. I should have said 'needed the skill and help to adapt to Minox' format.
  4. Hi Murray
    The item just arrived in my hands today.Guess what?It's a 35mm to 9.2mm film slitter!No doubt about it,just cut half a 35mm length...edges are smooth and straight.You get 2 x 9.2mm and those 2 strips with sprocket holes,each side.
    It doesn't say where or who made it...I would be very happy if anyone here would help me identify this piece of Minox hardware.
    Looks like this is my Xmas gift for 2010 :))...and a nice add to my Minox collection it is!
  5. 35mm to 9.2.mm
  6. This does not look like the Minox nor the Acmel design. We use an industrially-manufactured bespoke model for slitting bespoke customer film.
  7. Julian, it looks very good! Well done! IIRC the russian slitters to the same design were for 35mm to 16mm for the likes of Kiev subminiature but I had heard of turners adapting them to Minox slitters.
    The principle is simple enough but the tolerances are pretty fine.
    Anyway, the bottom line is you have snared yourself a handy bit of gear.
    Did you get it off e-bay?
  8. Yes,e**y is the place where I got it.Works like a charm,although it takes noticeable longer to have a 35mm film cut with this contraption,than it takes with my regular Zipslit.
    The edge of Minox film ,when cut using this cutter,is much more smoother and straight.Although I will not use it on a regular basis as my film slitter,I will obviously put it to work every now and then.
  9. Would it work quicker with a crank instead of that knob?
  10. 'course it would be much more quicker...however,I am not sure how the cutting rollers behave at higher speeds cutting the film.What do you think?
  11. Can't see why the blades would suffer at a higher speed. They are going to fail at x meters of film slit but you will get to that distance much faster.

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