Minox Exhibition in Riga 2018

Discussion in 'Minox' started by Minoxit, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. Would love to see it. Checked the website. Isn’t it humbling that so many countries have English as a second language when here in Australia so few can speak any other language unless they are first or second generation immigrants? Latvia would be a fascinating country to visit and photograph (with a Minox of course).
  2. From the pictures on facebook, it appears there are great enlargements with excellent quality. If I didn't know they were Minox photos, I would never guess. I sure would like to see it too.

    terrymc - Same here in the USA. Very few of us speak any other language. My Wife is fluent in German, and, I'm trying to learn German as we're planning a trip there in December. I also can speak a little Spanish, but kind of rusty as I haven't used it much lately.
  3. The photographs in the exhibition were sent, most of them anyways, as Jpeg (or other format) files to the organizers. I, for example, have sent these as a pack of Jpegs by email, straight to the organizers desk in Riga.

    They took care of printing, and framing. It was so much simpler this way, of course.

    Mind you, this event was planned with some months prior to the actual wall mounting. I was contacted by Riga people I believe in June last year, and so it took months for the preparations of the museum exhibition.

    One thing I regret, could not attend in person, due to business commitments during that period. No matter, there is always another chance, I guess...

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