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  1. About Minox enlarger. I can only provide details of Minox enlarger II.
    Hope owner of Minox enlarger I, III or color enlarger supplies the rest.
  2. MINOX Enlarger

    Minox negative can be enlarged with any enlarger equipped with 8x11 negative carrier and enlarger lens with of focal length between 15mm to 25mm. For small size prints, even enlarging lens for 35mm negative can be used, although with less optimum result, because the enlarging lens is severely cropped.
    Minox enlarger is tailored for Minox negatives, it uses the super sharp 15mm lens to the full. Just as no 35mm lens can match the resolution of Minox camera lens, no 35mm enlarging lens can match the resolution of Minox enlarger lens. Same story, small format lens in general is sharper then larger format, due to scaling effect-- When a well corrected lens of given formulation is scaled down, the scaled down lens is also not only well corrected but the size of blur spot is also scaled down, yielding higher resolution
    Minox enlaarger I is a collector item. Hard to find.
    Minox enlarger II is more common, useful for B&W prints.
    Minox color enlarger is also hard to find.
    For detail description of various models of Minox enlarger, see Hubert Heckmann: Minox Variations in 8x11
    A few years ago, I was thinking of buying an enlarging lens from Minox and adapt it to use on my 35mm enlarger. At that time I was quoted a price of C$800 ! I opted for a used Minox II complete with lens for $150. It is a bargain. Price of Minox enlarger varies, depending upon condition. Minox camera, Minox daylight development tank, Minox enlarger and Minox projector are the four corner stones of Minox 8x11 system.
  3. MINOX

    Enlarger II
    • Height: 25"
    • Base board 13" x 16"
    • Slanted column: 1.5" hollowed steel tube with 6V wiring for socket for lamp house
    • Lamp house: Two section construction separated by chrome ring.Top part of housing (with miNox mouse logo) contains a reflector, an enlarger lamp holder, cable and plug to connect to lamp post low voltage socket.
      Bottom part contains one removeable diffusion/collimator lens, condensor lens, a removable negative carrier and lens.
      • Lens: 15mm with curved glassless carrier
      • Negative carrier; slightly curved,masks two sizes: 8x11mm and 8x8mm.
      • Enlarger lamp: Dr. Fischer 6v 6A special lamp, RP11 single cointact bayont base . Special offset filament positioned at focal point of diffusion/collimator lens
      • Print size: from 2.5x3" to 10x12"
      • Lamp house can be reversed mounted on post for larger size prints
      • Power source 110 VAC.
      • Two position high/low light switch
      • On/off power switch
      • Red filter
      • Accessory:
        • optional copy arm attached to back of lamp house, to use the enlarger as a copy stand.
        • 45 degree mirror for large prints
      • For picture of Minox enlarger II, see Eiki Takahashi's picture
        Minox enlarger
  4. Minox Enlarger Lamp

    • Dr. G. Fischer 6V6A autolicht ( automotive light bulb ) Yellow/green box
    • Dr. Fischer 6V6A Special Lamp White box
    • Base: Single.Contact Bayonet 15mm diameter
    • Light center length 3mm
    • Offset from center: 10mm
    • Filament to base distance 30 mm.
    • Filament orientation: parallel to bayonet pins
    • Bulb Height 55mm
    • Bulb width 32mm
    • Made in Germany
  5. Dr Fischer Bulb

    Dr. G. Fischer 6V6A offset filament lamp is hard to find. The reflector of Minox enlarger II can be raised for use with other 6V miniature lamps. For example, General Eletric #1133 miniature lamp has same S.C bayonet, 6V 3.9A may be use. A good source of replacement miniature lamps is bulbman 630 Shunshine Lane, Reno, NV 89502 Phone: 1-800-648 1163 (USA & Canada) FAX (USA) 800/548 6216.
  6. Replacement Bulb

    If you asked bulbman, "Do you have Dr. G.Fishcer 6V6A #1521 lamp ?" The lady at the order desh will look up her computer, and anser "Oh yes, we have Dr. Fischer lamp, at $22.90 each !" I was so happy and ordered two. When I got the package, the lamps were so big, it has two contacts, instead of one, and were 6V 50 W variety, and no "Dr. Fischer" can be found on the box ! That was the result of computer cross reference. I returned then and replaced with a box of 1133 lamps. If you hunt for Dr. Fischer bulbs, make sure you want only Dr. Fischer 6V6A single contact bayonet bulb, no cross reference !
  7. The negative rails on both side of the negative carrier is unique to Minox enlarger.
    The width of the negative rails is 9mm slightly narrower than the 9.2mm width of the negative strip.
    You can hold the negative strip and the rail together with thumb and index finger and slide the strip along the rail, this faciliates moving and positioning of a frame.
  8. Where to Buy New Dr. Fischer 6V6A LAMP

    Apparently, Dr. Fischer 6V6A light bulb for MInox enlarger is available again !
    In USA check with MPL.
    In Canada check with: Eight Elms Photo.
    Recently I bought spare Fischer 6V6A bulb from 8 Elms Photo in Toronto. The lamp is now called "Special Lamp" instead of automotive lamp.
  9. Walter Zapp and Minox enlarger II

    You don't see many pictures of Walter Zapp operating one of his design. In Heckmann's book, "Minox Variations in 8x8x11", there is a picture of Walter Zapp, then at his fourties, dressed in white lab coat focusing a Minox enlarger model II. Walter Zapp loves his Minox enlarger.
  10. Martin, is the Fisher bulb absolutely necessary? What is the down side of using
    other lamp ?
  11. Fred, I am quite happy with the Dr. Fischer 6v6a bulb. It had being unavailable for several years, so I bought some substitute GE and Sylvania 6v bulbs with fits with the same type of
    bayonet mount; but I never try them. When the Fischer bulb becomes available again recently, I took the advantage to buy two spares.
    I may do some tests with the General Electirc and Sylvania substitute bulbs to find out.
  12. 1. About Bulbs: There is a replacement for the
    6V6A Lamp by Osram, although only 6V3A it fits
    perfectly with the same dimensions and placement
    of filament, which is very important.
    both, 3A and 6A, are at least avaiable from the
    Minox factory, Germany, at about DM 20 each.


    2. Buying an used Minox enlarger: it is very important to know
    that there is a third lens in the lighthouse
    additional to the two of the condensor. This third
    is placed just below the lamp and can be removed very
    easy. When this lens is missing, all pictures are fuzzy
    and unsharp. One then tends to think this is due to
    the 8 x 11 format, but it isn't!!!!
    (In my enlarger, this was missing. It took a long while
    to find out!)
  13. Replacement Bulbs do not perform well

    I have tested my General Electric 6v lamp and Sylvania 6V lamp in my Minox enlarger, hoping these cheap bulbs perform as good as Dr. Fischer 6v6a special lamps. There are some people out there saying replacement bulbs are as good. But the fact is they never seen or use a Minox enlarger with 6v6a bulb, leave alone side by side comparison. I have Fischer 6v6 bulb, GE bulb and Sylvania bulb, so I can do side by side comparison. I am writing up a report, and post it this forum in a few days.
    The replacement bulbs have wrong centering, wrong orientation, and wrong focus. There is no way they can replace the Dr. Fischer bulb for Minox enlarger.
  14. Oliver, you are right, the position of the lamp filament is rather critcal in Minox enlarger, as it is a genuine point source condensor enlarger.
    OSRAM 6V-6A 8128 HB0 or OSRAM 6v 3a bulbs has the right orientation, the filament is parallel to the bayonet pins as oppose to American bubls with filament perpendicular to bayonet pins.
    The third lens you mentioned is an important part in Minox enlarger's illumination system, it is a collimator lens, when a filmanet is positioned exactly at the focal point of this collimator, the light is collimcated into a parallel ray towards the condensor. But both these Osram lamps's filament is not positioned at focal point of collimator; the only lamp which does is Dr. Fischer 6v6a special lamp. See my article about Minox Enlarger Illumination system.
    model dimension lens carrier print size lamp material column filter accesories
    Riga I 8" height

    2.5 x 3.5"
    black bakalite

    Riga II

    9 x 12"


    Minox enlarger I

    2.5x3.5" to 5x7" Dr.Fischer 6V 5A metal straight

    Minox enlarger II 32" 15mm/f3.5 curved film plane 2.5x3.5" to 9x12" Dr. Fischer 6v 6a metal slanted red copy attachment
    Minox enlarger III
    15mm /f3.5
    removable lens board flat film plane 2.5x3.5" to 9x12" Dr. Fischer 6v 6a metal slanted red
    Color enlarger II
    15mm/f3.5 flat film plane 2.5x3.5" to 9x12" Dr. Fischer 6v 6a metal slanted color filter set
    Color enlarger III
    15mm/f3.5 flat film plane 2.5x3.5" to 9x12" Dr. Fischer 6v 6a metal slanted color filter set
    Ken, I never seen a Dr. Fischer 6V3A bulb. I have the 6v6a and 6v5a versions. The 6v6a has offset( ie filmament closer to one side of bulb wall then opposite side) the 6v5a one has not offset( filament equidistance to left/right of bulb).
    Looks like Ken and Ralph have 6v3a bulb with offset, functionally it should fine with Minox enlarger.
  16. I am looking at a Minox enlarger to purchase. It has the serial no.
    19443, there is no red filter and the neg carrier is flat and
    removable. The neg carrier has the old mouse logo on it, but the
    lamphouse has a rectangular stick-on logo. Any idea if it is a II or
  17. John, you have a model III enlarger
  18. I just bought a replacement lamp for my Minox enlarger from the MPL as
    a spare. I have not tried it yet. They are not listed on their printed
    price list so you have to call and ask for it. The price last week was
    $37.50 plus shipping. It is a Dr. G. Fischer "Autolicht" and
    rubberstamped on the box is "6V 3 Amp / BA 15s." So it is a 3 amp blub
    rather than a six. I do not know how this will affect brightness but
    with the 6 amp bulb exposure times for anything smaller than a 5 x 7
    print are rather fast on modern RC papers. All of the meausrements
    match those that Martin Tai has given for the 6 V 6A bulb including the
    offset and orientation of the filiment, which is smaller than in the 6
    amp blub--maybe it will be even more of a point source light.
  19. Ken, I never seen a Dr. Fischer 6V3A bulb. I have the 6v6a and 6v5a
    versions. The 6v6a has offset( ie filmament closer to one side of bulb wall then opposite side)
    the 6v5a one has not offset( filament equidistance to left/right of bulb).
    <P> Looks like Ken and Ralph have 6v3a bulb with offset, functionally it should fine with Minox enlarger.
  20. Minox Enlarger Carriers

    It is generally believed that Minox enlarger has only 8x11mm format carrier. It is no doubt the most common carrier for the Minox enlarger. But there were several different format carriers for it.
    • 8 mm cine #6757
    • 10x10mm #6759
    • 16mm cine #6758
    • However all these carriers are scarce.
      Some Minox 8x11 carrier may be mount by turning 90 degree to make 8x8mm square carrier.
  21. When you buy Minox enlarger, make sure to check that it comes with
    a lens (not fungus) and pressure plate, these are items sometimes
  22. How to make a replacment mask:
    replacement mask
  23. <img
  24. Specification of Minox enlarger lens

    1. Name: Micro-MINOX (Micro-COMPLAN ?)
    2. Focal length: 15mm
    3. Aperture: f/3.5
    4. Type: 4 element 3 group Tessar type anastigmat
    5. Coating: antireflection coating compensate tungsten light bulb
    6. Film plane: spherical ( COMPLAN type )
  25. Minox enlarger I has a different lens
    <p> Focal length 20 mm
    <p> F/3.5
  26. Minox enlarger model II
  27. Minox Enlarger Mask Size

    My Minox enlarger II mask is 7.5 x 10.5 mm( measured with a caliper ) slightly less than 8 x 11mm
  28. Minox enlarger Manual


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