Minox Eclipse

Discussion in 'Minox' started by B. C. S., Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Finally got around to printing some Minox negatives - I'm about four sets behind. This is a composite of my eclipse photos.
    Hand-held Minox B, Nikon 8X40 binoculars, arc welding glass filter. Delta 100 in Microdol printed on Adorama RC paper and scanned.
    Not great but was fun. Eclipse-CompositeS.jpg
  2. From MTC macro digital to B.C.S. tele film... with a bit of ingenuity Minox does it all with quite acceptable results. Not positive but I think a while back Martin even had some microscopic shots.
  3. Not bad, considering it isn't TTL focusing. Have not tried my IIIs with binoculars. I have a nondescript pair of 7X50's , really old without center focusing, each eyepiece has to be focused.
    We viewed a 90% + eclipse with eyepiece projection on a piece of white Masonite through my very old 2.4 inch refractor. Without a proper solar filter, eyepiece projection is the only safe way to view the sun that I know of.

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