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  1. Anyone own one? Any reviews? They're hard to find. $200 is alot for a 4mp camera
    but I love the look and size. I'd like to add this to my collection (and use it
    to!) but need info. Another thing, how many were made?
  2. They're not so hard to find... The big auction site has always 10-15 to choose from. Made by
    thousands, you can find them in 2MP, 3MP, 4MP models.
  3. I own a Minox Leica M3 2.1MP, it is cute, I have also a small real leather case for it. I have some photos posted see: Digital M3 2.1 MP
  4. Big auction site? Ebay? I was worried about the shots it'd take but those are nice. Definetly a neat camera. When did you buy yours? How much have you used it? review! Any chance you'd sell?
  5. I bought my M3 from Minox Germany when it first came out, it was rather expensive, the leather case is even more expensive. I bought them for collection. I use my Rolleiflex minidigi a bit more
  6. I was also interested in getting one of these Minox Leica M3 digitals.

    But I question if these things are actually any better than a nicely packaged $50 CMOS based funcam.

    If you are looking for a review, and wasn't aware that this is a fixed focus with no flash. IOW it is featureless, no zoom, no flash, no macro....no nothing as far as features, and basically useless with bad
    light. And uses a bettery that was more common to film cameras. Not common batteries like AA. And only 32MB built-in memory...no expansion. Thats what peaks my interest though.

    When Minox/Leica first started in the digital market, they OEMed below average Pentax and very average Fuji, wondering if its more of the same with maybe getting CMOS stuff from the same generic bin as others, when they first started

    Cheap CMOS can take reasonably good daytime pics, but MANY of them are of very poor quality. (Mustek, Polaroid etc etc) I toyed around with a handful of these. Some cheapies are not bad for outdoor daytime. But some are very poor.

    The only way to tell is by examining FULL SIZE unedited samples from these. But when I googled samples for these Minox M3, there are very few, and ALL of them are downsized to like half a megapizel or like 640x480., and some edited.

    Minox lists all of them , but only provides samples of the 3 year old 2.1 model....and they are downsized. Not a good thing for sampling for quality of the camera. A $30 cmos camera /webacm can look just as good when images are downsized.

    $200 is really not alot for mainstream 4MP camera....but this is not for everyone. These are just a conversation, collecting piece, that or may not be usable for some, depending.

    Anyone have full size samples?
  7. Well I largely want it as a collector peice/conversation piece and for fun. I am aware of its limits. Actually I'm trying to sell a 4mp digicam (with more features than this one) its an olympus stylus. If anyone's interested
  8. Martin,

    nice macro shots. I thought these did not have the macro switch, but apparently they do.

  9. As you already said, it is just for fun... A toy. <br>Don't bother about picture quality or
  10. The Minox Digital Leica M3 is found with 1.3, 2/2.1, 3 and 4Mp versions. The 1.3 and 2.1 are a true resolution but the others are obtain by software.

    There is an optional flash unit which makes the camera a real conversational piece but is not in keeping of a tiny pocketable camera to carry with you.

    The 3 and 4 Mp cameras have better results, as should be expected. The 1.3 is perhaps better for general use than the 2.1, particularly with the flash in doors.

    Very similar to the UFO style DD1 and neither as good as the DD100/DD200 which are larger and look like a small modern compact digital camera.

    No production figures have been released. They have been sold in wooden boxes, clam shell style like the 8x11 classic range, in wooden boxes with a sliding transparent 'glass' top and a metal tin also with a transparent lid. The latter two styles where for the airline duty free business but have then been release to dealers/shops.

    Much larger than the 8x11 film classics, it looses some of the appeal. The CR2 battery is expensive and soon used up. There have been doubts about the use of the rechargable version of the battery.

    There is no memory card and you need to down load to a PC.

    1.3Mp version can be found for below 50EUR and some dealers have new stocks at below 100EURO
    2.1Mp can be found for 50-100EURO
    3Mp seems rare and have sold for below 100EURO
    4Mp version goes for 150USD/150EUR

  11. New version is now out. 5mp with lithium ion battery and SD memory card slot. I believe these are the things people wanted that were missing. Now there is just the problem of pricing.
  12. Does anyone know where one can buy the new Minox Leica M3 5.0MP with the viewable LCD screen and SD card?

    As far as I know, it is not yet on sale from either Adorama or the Minox online shop.

  13. James, check http://www.minox.de/
  14. Does anyone know more about the USB connection? Is the Minox (older versions too) a USB
    mass storage device which can be browsed on any Mac or PC, or does it require special
    software to grab the pictures? I use a Mac, but the Mac support listed on the site is limited to
    Mac OS 9, and it is not clear if this is just the webcam driver, or the photo copying as well.

    Thanks for any answers.
  15. The Minox Leica M3 digital USB acts like a USB mass storage device.
    A software driver disk is supplied with the M3 DDC package. You may
    also download M3 driver from http://www.minox.de
  16. Thanks Martin. So, if the camera acts like a USB mass storage device, I suppose there is no
    need for drivers. Are the drivers for the webcam mode?
  17. When first plugged in the M3 DCC, Window detected a new device, and asked for driver disk, which was supplied with the package. The camera acts more like a SD memory card.
  18. They sell the 5.0 mp on KLM flights.... I am in love with the look but I am quite upset about the non flash .... This could be a major downsize as camera is not usable in all condition. If anyone has some more pictures taken with it, Id be very interested.... Thanx
  19. There is a flash accesory for M3.

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