Minox cassette pack

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  1. Original Minox cassette package
    It consists of
    A paper box dated with ink stamp of JAN 1957, and with minox logo and drawing of a Minox B camera. On the side of box, printed "special fine grain - recommended all weather film"
    An instruction
    A aluminium box with Minox logo
    One Minox cassette with 50 exposure ASA 50 bw film ,another film cassette missing

  2. L1100376.JPG L1100376.JPG
    Compare with a 90s minox film casstte, the 1957 film cassette is much
    thinner. My guess is inside the paper box must be a brass cassette box.
    To keep this package intact, I dont want to open the paper wrap
  3. Always glad to see old bits and pieces. Thanks.

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