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  1. I never used a Minox camera. Were they any good? Was this model good? Anyone with any ideas? Thanks. -Ken
  2. The lens is amazingly good. Using Agfa 25, I made 5x7s that I can place side by side in an album with Leica shots on faster film. I'm sure the negative would have stood up to greater enlargement; the limitation was the column on my Focomat.

    I found the autoexposure satisfactory in most situations. I wish I'd known more about photography in general, and exposure in particular, when I got my Minox C as a high school graduation present in 1971, as it's possible to override the AE, quickly and easily, by resetting the film speed dial.

    If I'm not mistaken, the batteries it takes aren't generally available anymore, but a fix is possible. (I haven't used mine in a few years.)

    Films are still spooled for it, and development is easy enough in the daylight developing tank that Minox used to make. Agfa 25 was the perfect film to use in a Minox for general daylight photography. I think TMX is spooled for it today.

    The C is a little larger than the earlier models (and at least one later model, which was meterless), but still tiny enough to carry at all times.

    If I were buying one today, I would probably not get a C, however. I think repairs will be available longer on the non-electronic models.
  3. Minox C is very good. I use it for many years for oversea trips, its
    longer grip and automation makes snapshots quick for travel.
    For battery, you can use 4 silver oxide 386 button cells with an adapter.

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