Minox C and film capacity

Discussion in 'Minox' started by bob__|4, Apr 19, 1999.

  1. Since the Minox C's exposure window counts down from 36 frames, is it possible to use cassettes loaded with more film, i.e. 50 exposure loads?
  2. Bob, yes, you can load 50 exp cassette in Minox C; but there is a problem,
    when it reaches 38 exp, the film counter counts from 36 again. So 1) you have to keep track of where the film ends, 2)
    when you take out the film, you face the task of reset the counter to 0 for next load, and that is a tedious taak, 3) Frames after exp 36 will have very wide spacing.
    My standard cut film is about 42 exp, when using it in C, I usually just stop at 0, that makes next load simple. But occasionally I did use the wrap around feature, that is when occasion comes up and
    but the the counter is near 0; but knowing that there are still 6 frames left, I am not hesitate to keep on shooting pass 0, otherwise I might miss the opportunity. The extra 6 frames are sort of emergency reserve.

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