Minox BL 8x11 subminiature camera

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  1. Minox BL is a mechanical shutter camera with battery driven photo sensor.

    Lens: MINOX 1:3.5, 15mm

    Mechanical shutter: B,2,4,8,15,30,60,125,250,500,1000.

    Battery, one 1.5v 625 silver oxide cell
    L1100229.JPG L1100228.JPG

  2. Minox BL is my favorite subminiature camera, because its shutter is
    pure mechanical, like a Minox B, but with more sensitive CdS meter cell,
    capable provide accurate exposure indication at low light condition.
  3. I carry Minox BL to Cambodia in 2006, photographing
    the sculptures of Angkor Wat.

    However, In third day at Angkor Wat, the Minox BL shutter jammed.

    When back in Toronto, I sent it to Dagcamera, Dag did an excellent overhaul job, he replaced the damaged shutter blades, oil and lube the camera. It works perfectly.

    BL is my favorite Minox, the battery last a long time.
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  4. Press Meter button to activate meter, turn the shutter dial
    to move the red color matching needle overlaps the black indicator needle which moves according to lighting condition
  5. Aren’t these the famous spy cameras used by James Bond in the 1960s?
  6. Correction: Battery is not 625

    The proper battery, according to Minox BL manual
    is Mallory 675, Varta 7001 or equivalent.

    675 replacement: Mallory 44 adapter +

    silver oxide 392

    I use Energizer PX76, the diameter of px76 is slightly different from px675, but the height is the

    I usually file both ends of battery with a metal filer
    to ensure proper contact.
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  7. Ludmilla, you are right, these Minox subminiature cameras are exactly the James Bond spy cameras
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  8. I think the Minox spy cameras are the sexiest ever. Was IQ any good?
  9. The image characteristics always remind me of a good newsprint photo when viewed from standing distance. Really not to be compared to other larger formats. But when used and respected for what it is... really quite nice. Tonal gradations happen in a very compacted space. I usually print small and tend to shoot simple uncomplicated subjects... somewhat like a photo booth.. but without restrictions of subjects & more background options.
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  10. Due to the small size of negative, film developer must be prepared
    with diluted water in order to minimized the effect of dust on film.
    At the final step in film development, I immerse the film strip
    in a container with one litre distilled water and 10 drops of Kodak wetting
    agent to minimize water drop dry mark on film
    I usually enlarge Minox negative to 8x10 inch photographic paper with a plustek scanner

    The Minox film strips are prepared by slitting Ilford 35mm BW film with a film cutter
    (film slitter) with either a Acmel - Minox slitter or with a Jimmy Li stainless steel slitter

    One 36 exposure 35mm BW film can be slitted in to 4 rolls of 8x11 36 exposure film
    and two rolls of 16mm 36 exposure films
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  11. roller cutter.JPG
    A Jimmy Li stainless steel film cutter.
  12. Minox film slitter.JPG
    An Acmel-Minox film slitter
  13. Both Acmel-Minox film slitter and Jimmy Li roller cutter are high precision device.

    But Jimmy Li stainless steel roller cutter and Acmel - Minox film slitter are now hard to
    find items.
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