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  1. I think I know how to set the asa on the meter. The meter readings stay the same no mater what iso i set. Anyone have this happen. Also the camera makes quit a winding noise when advancing the film, especially at lower speeds. Is that normal?
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    Given its age it may need a CLA. I think DAG (Don Goldberg) still does these...not cheap, but thorough.
  3. As I recall, the Minox B made a slight winding noise when closing it the last few millimeters of the return stroke. That was the winding noise that I heard when I first bought it in 1970.
    That said, you should get it serviced. If Don Goldberg still does it, he was the best. There are others via Google search. The meter is not powered; the bimetal mechanism loses accuracy of be time. You should ask if it can be renewed or otherwise adjusted. The aperture is constant, so the meter adjustment is very basic by reading the scales. You should check accuracy with a good meter or a good camera's meter.
    Wow, have fun.
  4. I think the OP is a bit unclear in describing what he sees happening. The ASA setting only changes the coupling between the shutter speed dial and the light meter pointer disk. The meter needle position doesn't change with the ASA setting, only with changing light intensity. An ASA change results in needing a shutter speed change to line up the pointer arrow. I still own a Minox B, but confess to not having done much with it in recent times. Bought it new in 1963 and the meter still appears to work.
  5. DAG is working on my BL now. (He is very busy and the wait for service therefore is likely to be long.) My last Minox CLA by Don cost $135 USD.

  6. Well I want to sell it.
  7. With the camera closed, turn the shutter speed dial so the triangle points to the desired ASA. Open the camera and turn the shutter speed dial to 1/100th. Close the camera and you have it.
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    They're really cheap right now, and yours still needs service. Don't bother to sell it, it isn't worth it.
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