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    Limited edtion Minox AX gold (one of 250),1994-1995, meter and feet version.
  2. [​IMG]
    Limited edtion Minox AX gold II, 50 Jahr Minox made in Germany, with Walter Zapp signature, one of 250
  3. [​IMG]
    Polished mahogany box for limited edtion Minox 50 years, Minox AX gold II, with sand brown color leather case and gold plated measuring chain. 1995-1996, limited edtion of 250, meter and feet versions.
  4. Difference between Minox AX Gold and Minox AX Gold II
    AX gold black leather case, small two layer wood box, top layer camera only, bottom layer: case and chain
    AX Gold II, sand brown leather case, larger polished mahogany box, Camera and case on top layer, chain under the tray. Walter Zapp signature at back of camera
    Cover cloth with "Minox 50 Jahr Made in Germany".
    Minox AX gold and Minox AX gold II seldom appeared on ebay
  5. Both excellent cameras, at least visually. Never operated one of these AX's...lens I presume to be Minox, right? LX internals on a small chassis?
    How do they perform in actually taking pictures, I wonder.
  6. Julian, the AX is an all mechanic camera, it has the interals of modified Minox IIIs, completely mechanical shutter,exterior with MInox LX dials,and LX style shutter release.
    It has a freewheeling film advance mechanism like that of LX, you do not loss one frame of film simply because you open the camera, then close it without pressing the release button. The lens is indeed a MINOX 15mm lens
    Minox AX gold / AX gold II has a very solid feel, it weight 127g. The shell of Minox AX gold/ AX gold II is made from heavy gauge copper alloy, not aluminium, hence the hefty weight, heavier than the larger size aluminium body Minox LX(88g), and even heavier than the steel body Riga Minox (120g) . The surface is plated with 24 carat gold, embossed with diamond mesh pattern. Phtographicaly, I think this camera should performs like LX.
  7. i try to find AX black and AX chrome to no avail
    Gerald has the compete four AX collection
  8. Minox AX gold seldom appears on ebay
    on the other hand, there are plentiful Minox LX selection listings
  9. Some of the earlest aluminium Minox AX cameras was built with old escapement mechanism, resulting in grade B camera.
    Minox AX gold and AX gold II use new escapement mechanism.
    Orginal price of Minox AX gold/gold II 4299 Deutsche Marks
  10. My Minox AX gold is the second version, i.e with sand brown leather
    case and polished mahogany box.
    I recall I bought it for around three thousand usd. Now the price
    is nearly doubled
  11. minox  ax  gold.JPG minox  ax  gold.JPG


    OR 6750 CAD
  12. Minox AX gold is electroplated with a layer of 20 micron gold
    Must be handled with gloves on. otherwise may left finger print
  13. US dollar index DXY USD INDEX  250 DAYS.JPG US DOLLAR index DXY devaluation is about 0.65percent per year

    It takes about 11 years for gold price to double

    Yet Minox AX price triple in about 10 years

    Apparently, Minox AX gold price rise more than gold bullion, it must
    be due to the scarcity of Minox AX camera
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