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Discussion in 'Minox' started by robert_ante, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. The only camera that I currently have and use with electeronic flash is with my Contax T3. I normally don't use flash and, other than the Minox 8x11 flash unit, do not even own a flash unit for use with other film formats. As a Minox user I often shoot under lighting conditions that are less than optimum and I appreciate the small dimensions of this little flash unit.
    There are times I would like to use flash, but up to now I have never used my Minox 8x11 flash with adapter for lack of an instruction manual.
    Moreover, nowhere (LX instruction booklet or any of the books in my library devoted to Minox) can I find instructions on the use of this Minox 8x11 flash with regards to guide numbers or useful practical distances. I have LX, C, BL, B and IIIs cameras with flash synchronization.
    Can any Minox user provide information for the use of this camera on the LX and other above cameras, especially the IIIs which is my go everywhere camera?
  2. Julian, thank you for the info, much appreciated. Your blog is great.

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