minox 35mm..overexposure risk

Discussion in 'Minox' started by petitgas__, Mar 4, 2000.

  1. Since on the 35 mm Minox the max shutter speed is 1/500 how can we avoid the risk of overexposure when using a 400 ASA film ??? only solution is the 2x neutral filter ? but then the camera connot be closed...Any other solution ?
    philippe petitgas
  2. All compact camera except a very few has upper speed of 1/500. For exmaple my Contax T2 has uppper speed only at 1/500. Some deluxe P&S such as
    Konica Hexar has top speed of 1/250 !
    <p> Minox has a remedy : add a Minox 35 grey filter with lens hood. PN 69304.
    <P> My Contax T2 does not even provide such a remedy.
    <p> Carry two Minox 35 cameras, one for ASA 400, one with ASA 100.

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