Minox 35ML shots

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  1. I got back the first roll of film I have shot in my Minox for a long time. The shots were all taken on cloudy days, as you can see. My distance estimating was off, and I couldn't compensate by stopping down. But I did bag a couple of frames on or near Times Square. 24260013.JPG .

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  2. I should note that this was outdated 100 ASA film rated at 64. With that film on a dark day, you can neither stop down nor use higher shutter speeds. That means shallow DOF and camera shake. These were the BEST shots on that roll of film. If you want to see what a Minox can do with good film and good light, see the post on this forum entitled Zone Focusing by Red Buckner. The Minotar 35mm lens is no slouch.
  3. Minox 35 lens rivals Leica. Anytime I want to bring a camera, I look at the Leica M6TTL and the Minxo ML and grab it and stick it into my pocket. Never regretted my choice on any outing. Don't really have to worry about theft or damage. Steve
  4. Not sure the make of the instrument matters much when the same wrong note is played over and over again ...

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